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Chevy Control Arm Questions

A control arm is a part in automotive suspension. It is a nearly flat and triangular sub-frame that turns in two places. There are many components in a Chevy control arm that can develop faults or would need replacement. Listed below are some common questions answered by Experts.

The back bolt head of the lower Chevrolet control arm in the passenger side of a 2003 Malibu is broken. How would one remove the bolt?

Since the bolt can be accessed from the bottom, use a coarse file to file the end of the bolt as flat as possible so that it can be center punched. Then use a drill bit to drill a hole into the bolt and insert the correct size easy out to loosen it. In case the retainer is a push type and the entire head of the bolt is missing, hammer the bolt through and push it upwards along with the retainer. If the bolt is not of a very high grade then it can also be cut using a hacksaw or burnt using a torch.

How to replace the upper Chevy control arm bushing in a 1994 S10 Blazer 4 x 2?

A ball joint separator tool such as the J-23742 or equivalent will be needed to replace the Chevrolet Control arm bushing. Raise the vehicle and support it properly with jack stands placed firmly under the lower control arms. Take out the tire and wheel assembly along with the ABS wire and brake hose bracket(s) from the upper control arm. Remove the brake caliper and use a coat hanger or wire to support it from the vehicle. Ensure the brake line does not get stretched or damaged. Remove the cotter pin and retaining nut from the upper ball joint. Place the tool between the upper joint stud and lower control arm and separate the upper ball joint from the steering knuckle. Pull the knuckle away from the ball joint. Loosen and take out the upper control arm-to-frame nuts and bolts and make note of where the shims are located. Remove the upper control arm from the vehicle and clean the steering knuckle hole. Replace the knuckle if any out of roundness is seen. Now mount the control arm in a vise and take out the pivot shaft nuts and washers. Take out all the old bushings. Place the pivot shaft in line with the control arm and put in the bushing using the right fixture tool, washer and a pipe with an outer diameter that is same as the bushing. Tighten the tool till the bushing is properly positioned on the shaft. Put in and tighten the bushing nuts to 85 ft. lbs. Install the control arm to the frame, position the shims and tighten the retainers to 67 ft. lbs. Take out the support for the steering knuckle and put back the ball joint. Install the stud nut and a new cotter pin. Replace and tighten the brake caliper, ABS wire and brake hose bracket(s). Put back the tire and wheel assembly. Slowly lower the vehicle, check and adjust the front-end alignment if required.

What could be the issue with a Chevrolet control arm in a 1998 Tahoe that is making a popping noise?

Such an issue can be caused by a worn out Chevy control arm bushing. This wear and tear does not permit separation. Hence first check the bushings to see if there is any shrinkage or if any parts are missing. Another reason for the noise could be the torsion bars so if the control arms seem fine, then check the bars. If both seem fine, then take the help of an Expert who can provide a more accurate diagnosis of the issue.

A Chevrolet control arm can develop different problems and each issue would need a specific solution. Hence it is preferable to get advice from Experts who can provide correct information and answer any questions that may arise.
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