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Military Contract Related Questions

Do you have questions before you sign a military contract? Is there a way to get out of a contract with the military? If you have signed a contract with the military or are considering signing a contract with the military, you may have questions that need answers. Online military Experts are readily available to assist you. Read below where verified military Experts answer these and many more questions.

Does an individual need a military contract to sell dogs, such as security, drug, or other types of service dogs to the military?

Yes, the military has to specifically contract with sellers in a federal contract. Procurement laws require that these contracts be made in certain ways, at certain times of year and for only certain amounts within the fiscal year. These rules are dictated by a Congressional statute on how the military spends its money each year.

What division of the military is in charge of military contracts regarding dog training and procurement?

The Air Force is in charge of this type of military contract.

Is it a good idea for an individual to have a lawyer review an Army military contract before signing up?

There is really no point in having a lawyer review a military contract. The reason is that the military cannot be held accountable to anything in the contract, and the contract can’t be changed in anyway by the individual or the lawyer. The military cannot be sued for breach of contract. Every contract has some language concerning the “good of the military” which allows the military to do just about anything. Additionally, even if the contract contains a written promise to the individual, if the military says this was never allowed, the contract will not be binding to the military. This is because the military does not allow soldiers to act as binding agents. 

Does the SCRA cover a civilian working overseas under a military contract, enabling the early termination of a rental-lease property agreement?

No, this does not currently cover civilian employees or contractors.

Can an active duty military member in the Army get out of contract due to a pending job offer?

There is no easy way out. If an individual wants out prior to the end of his or her contract, it will need to come from an administrative separation. There are two types of administrative separations: voluntary and involuntary. If an individual’s circumstances can be voluntary this is best as it will typically rate as an honorable separation. Some examples of voluntary separation are conscientious objector, hardship, pregnancy, and early release to further education. If an individual cannot find a reason for voluntary separation that fits his or her circumstance, the individual should finish the term, as an involuntary separation will typically result in a less favorable characterization of discharge. This may result in a loss of veteran benefits and difficulties in a job search. It is also best for an individual to have the support of his or her commanding officer. If there is a staff NCO, or other who can speak to the commanding officer on individual’s behalf this can be beneficial in getting a voluntary separation. In the end, it is the commanding officer who will likely make the decision whether or not to discharge an individual as a voluntary or involuntary separation, so it is ideal to have someone in command to advocate the individual’s specific case.

Is an individual bound by a five year military contract on a job that he/she did not get in the Marine Corps, when currently in a MOS four year contract?

An individual is only bound if he or she signed a new contract for five years or was reclassified into the new MOS.

As a member of the military or a civilian contracting with the military it is important to know your legal rights. Legal fees are expensive and can add up quickly, and with busy schedules it is not always convenient to speak with a lawyer. The next best option for an individual may be to contact an online Expert. Verified legal Experts can answer questions regarding military contracts and more at your convenience, day or night, from the comfort of your home.

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