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Contents Insurance Questions

What is contents insurance? Contents insurance is a kind of insurance policy that protects an individual’s personal belongings on their property in case of an accident or disaster. It is not required for an individual to buy contents insurance, but it can help him/her cover any financial loss that he/she may face due to damages caused to the belongings on their property. Listed below are commonly asked questions about contents insurance that have been answered by Experts.

Can an individual who does not have contents insurance sue his/her landlord for damages caused to his/her property due to a fire at the landlord’s business?

The tenant may be able to file a claim against the landlord’s insurance and sue the landlord if the fire was caused due to the landlord’s negligence. The individual may hire an attorney to send a demand letter to the landlord and file a suit.

Can an oral agreement be used to obtain contents coverage for a stolen trailer?

An individual may only be able to obtain insurance for the contents of a stolen trailer if it was specified in the policy. Oral agreements may not be considered while approving coverage.

If an individual’s property and its contents are burnt down in a fire, would the insurance company have to pay the individual the total policy amount or give them two different checks for the property and its contents?

If an individual’s property and its contents are burnt down in a fire, the insurance company may have to pay them two different checks. The company may have to first do a valuation of the damage caused to the structure. If it is a complete loss, then the company may have to pay the individual the total amount that may be required to rebuild the home. The company may also have to give the individual a second check for the damage caused to the contents of the house. This individual may have to give the company an itemized list of the damaged contents along with their values and receipts.

What can an individual do if an insurance company delays investigating their insurance claim?

If an insurance company delays investigating an individual’s insurance claim, the individual can hire an attorney to call them and enforce a deadline on the investigation. The individual can also file a complaint with the insurance department about the delay. If this does not work, the individual may file a civil lawsuit against the company and get a court order to speed up the investigation process.

What can an individual do if a contents insurance company refuses to settle an insurance claim in a correct and timely manner?

In most of the situations, if a contents insurance company refuses to settle an insurance claim in a correct and timely manner, the individual may send the company a certified return receipt requested letter. In this letter, the individual will need to explain their specific situation to the company in detail and ask them to make a full settlement within a specific timeframe. Also, the individual will need to inform the company that if they do not cooperate with them, they can sue them for breach of contract and for failure to reasonably settle. This may lead them to pay the individual 3 times the actual damage caused to the property as punitive damages.

There may be many aspects to contents insurance that may be difficult for you to understand. It is important for you to be sure whether you are eligible for a contents insurance claim or not in case of property damage. You may speak to an Expert to get any doubts about contents insurance clarified.
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