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Consumer Rights Law

What are consumer rights protection?

Consumer rights protections are laws enacted by the states and federal government to protect consumers from products that include inferior products. Almost all states have agencies set up to actively help the consumer.

My car just got repossessed and I would like to get it back. What are my consumer rights in Arizona?

If you want to get your car back then you would have to pay the amount that the lender wants you to pay. The lender may want you to pay only the amount that is past due plus the charges for repossession or the lender may want you to pay the outstanding amount on the entire loan. You would need to be in contact with the lender to find out. If the lender chooses to sell the car at auction, they must give you notice so that you can get any of your personal items from the car. Here is the Arizona Revised Statutes Sections 47-9609 to 47-9628 especially Section 47-9623:

47-9623. Right to redeem collateral

A. A debtor, any secondary obligor or any other secured party or lienholder may redeem collateral.

B. To redeem collateral, a person shall tender:
1. Fulfillment of all obligations secured by the collateral; and 2. The reasonable expenses and attorney fees described in section 47-9615, subsection A, paragraph 1.

C. A redemption may occur at any time before a secured party:
1. Has collected collateral under section 47-9607;
2. Has disposed of collateral or entered into a contract for its disposition under section 47-9610; or
3. Has accepted collateral in full or partial satisfaction of the obligation it secures under section 47-9622.

I ordered something on the internet and it has not arrived. What rights do I have in obtaining what I ordered and paid for?

If the person or company refuses to deliver your purchase then you could sue for money damages in a breach of contract lawsuit. If what you purchased is “unique” then you can get a court order that compels delivery. An item that would be unique would be a Picasso painting. A court order could compel that delivery. An ordinary item like a computer you would have to sue for the money.

What are my rights in South Carolina for breaking a contract for work being done to my house?

You have a right to cancel the contract if the contract permits. That would include both parties consenting to the cancellation, or one side breached or misrepresented the terms of the contract. If neither of those conditions exists, then you would have to allow the contractor to finish the work on the house.

Having the right information and understanding of consumer rights laws can help when dealing with questions regarding your rights as a consumer. Experts can help answer questions about consumer rights protection from undelivered items or consumer rights in repossession. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert online.
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