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What is the consumer contract law?

Consumer contract laws provide consumers protection in the general marketplace by ensuring that they have the information they need about a product or service. This will allow consumers to make informed decisions. Federal laws and state statutes mandate that all the information and facts regarding a transaction be fully disclosed. The primary intent behind these laws is to promote balance between consumers and sellers in the marketplace. This is accomplished by mandating the seller to reveal any terms or conditions that apply to the sale of goods or services.

What is a consumer contract?

A consumer contract is the contract made between a trader who is selling something and a customer who is buying it. For a contract to exist, something of value ('consideration') must be exchanged. Consumer contracts are subject to the Sale of Goods Act.

How does the Sale of Goods Act relate to consumer contracts?

The Sale of Goods Act is a law that regulates the selling of goods but not land, copyrights or patents. Goods sold by a trader to a consumer must be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. A consumer will be able to claim compensation (in the form of a repair, replacement or refund) if these conditions are not met, unless they were made aware of the defect before buying, or have accepted the goods or failed to return them in a timely manner after discovering the defect (affirmation).

Is there a state law that contracts cannot be cancelled, if someone has a contract that states no rescission?

The right to cancel is very limited and applies primarily to door to door sales. However, there is a common law right that can be exercised where the other side misled you about terms and services, and which can be exercised as a matter of right.

Is there a way to break a contract with a Title Loan Company after realizing one will be paying too much interest?

You can often call and get it cancelled. If that does not work, having a lawyer to do so often accomplishes it without need to take the other steps of an agency complaint or lawsuit. You do not have an automatic right to cancel. You can try to cancel if they misled you or agreed to permit cancellation or can argue that their keeping your funds would result in unfairness called unjust enrichment. Normally, the threat of turning to the BBB, attorney general office or civil lawsuit may get them to agree and not spend time and money defending.


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