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United States Constitution Questions

What is the United States Constitution?

The United States Constitution is the supreme law in the United States of America. The constitution starts with three Articles that set up the rules and divide powers for the three branches of the federal government. The United States Constitution directs America’s laws and political culture. Read below where many Experts have answered questions relating to the United States Constitution.

Is article 1 section 10 clause 1 of the United States Constitution still binding in the state of California, also is gold and silver coin still the money of account?

The United States (U.S.) Constitution is still legal and required in the state of California. Gold and Silver is no longer legal tender in the United States.

What ways does the Texas Constitution reflect the influence of the United States Constitution and what effect in the United States Constitution had on the Texas Constitution?

The United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution have a large number of things in common. The Texas Constitution came into effect on February 15, 1876. There are several ways the United States Constitution has impacted the Texas Constitution. One example is the Texas Constitution has articles that classify the powers of the Government just as the United States Constitution does. Texas was its own state for many years and intended to take on related trends as the United States Constitution. The Texas Constitution has its own bill of rights just as the United States Constitution.

If an individual has a suspended driver’s license in Virginia and paid all fines can they take their Alcohol Safety Action Plan (ASAP) classes in Texas?

In this case, you may have to complete all of the requirements in Virginia so that they can be recognized in the state of Texas due to the “Full faith and credit” clause in the United States Constitution. You may be obligated to take the classes in Virginia. You should be able to ask your probation officer and/or anyone in the probation office, they should be able to tell you if the classes in Texas are corresponding to the ones in Virginia. They also should tell you if you will be allowed to take the Alcohol Safety Action Plan (ASAP) classes in the state of Texas.

Is it possible to claim my right to a fair trial and due process?

According to the United States Constitution it assures every individual to a fair and speedy trial and also guarantees each individual due process. This means that neither the government nor any governmental agency can seize your property or any of your rights away without first going to Court and having a Jury or a Judge decide your case. If in any case that is pending in Court you feel as your rights have been dishonored you can file for a Motion setting, for which of your rights that you feel have been violated and who has violated them.

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