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Criminal Conspiracy Questions

What is a Conspiracy?

In criminal law, a conspiracy is a contract between two or more people to commit a crime or to accomplish a legal end by illegal actions. An example of this type of crime is planning a bank robbery (illegal act) to give money to a charity (a legal end). Not all conspiracies are planned in secret yet they are still a crime. An everyday transaction can be tainted by corruption. An example would be a car salesman selling a used car as new. They could be prosecuted for the crime of fraud and conspiracy, plus any purchaser of a vehicle would be able to sue for damages for the fraud and conspiracy.

Is there a civil remedy for conspiracy to kidnap? Are there guidelines? What is the statute of limitations to file?

Yes, there is. False imprisonment is identified as the civil equivalent of kidnapping in Missouri. False imprisonment stands for restrained with no lawful justification. Hyatt v. Trans World Airlines, Inc., 943 SW 2d 292 - Mo: Court of Appeals, Eastern Dist. 5th Div. 1997. The statute of limitations is normally two years under Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 516.

Can conspiracy to commit murder charges be brought up, on someone if the trial for the murderer has already finished?

Seems like the individual is considering the circumstances where a single defendant is found guilty of killing someone and additional un-prosecuted defendants might be guilty as co-conspirators. The end of the trial of the killer will not prevent prosecution of the co-conspirators. Since the co-conspirators in the past have not been put on trial, there is no "double jeopardy" or any extra regulations of law that will prohibit them from being put on trial based on the guilty verdict of a different person.

If a felony conviction for a marijuana conspiracy charge did not carry a sentence of 1 year or over, can second amendments rights, be restored in the state of AL?

Whether a year or not, given that this would be a federal felony, it is not possible to reinstate the individual’s 2nd Amendment rights as the ATF's division that controls appeals for reinstatement has not been funded since the early 1990’s. Short of a presidential pardon, the individual’s rights could not be reinstated.

What is range of prison terms for conspiracy charge for distribution of ecstasy?

The distribution or conspiracy to distribute under the US code is punishable by 0-20 years in prison with an average sentence being 18 months to 72 months depending on prior record.

Is there jail time with one count to conspiracy to commit robbery in the state of PA?

Yes, the offense is punishable by jail/prison. Many factors are considered during sentencing, facts surrounding the charge, the person’s involvement and any prior criminal record. A first time offender and if the facts are minor in nature, it’s possible that a probationary sentence can be imposed.

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