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Electrical Connector Repair

An electro-mechanical device that connects electrical circuits as an interface with the help of a mechanical assembly is called an electrical connector. This connection could be of a temporary nature (which is what you would usually use for portable equipment), it could need the help of a tool to assemble and remove, or it could be a permanent arrangement between two electrical devices or wires.

Listed below are a few questions answered by electricians about electrical connectors.

The electrical connector at the end of my Ethernet cable broke and now refuses to stay in the router slot. I am trying to replace the plug with a crimp tool following directions I got off the internet. After I took the old plug off, I stripped the outside 1" off the cable and correctly arranged the colored pairs and trimmed them to make the ends match. Do the smaller wires also need to be stripped now?

The colored pairs do not have to be stripped. When you use the crimper, each conductor will be pierced by small metallic blades. However, ensure that both sides of the cable are wired similarly or it won’t work. So examine the other end of the cable and make sure the new plug has the same color sequence.

What is a female to female electrical connector? I’m trying to put up Christmas lights and have the female end of the lights and can’t seem to find a way of plugging it in anywhere. What can I do?

From what you have said, it seems there are two female ends that you need to have connected to each other. You could make a male adapter by buying two male cord ends and small piece of lamp cord. If you go to a home supply center, they will give you the proper ends and cord. But it would be most suitable to replace the female end with a male one. Male to male connectors don’t exist because if you plug one end in, the other end will have electricity running through exposed blades which is a shock hazard.

I have thirty-year-old Lightolier track lights and I have lost power because the plastic connector on the base of the lamp has failed. Can I rewire the lamp to a separate electrical connector that fits on the track?

What you could do is get a new head. If the company says that they can’t make a new head, there will be other manufacturers that have the same configuration for this. Just take the head to one of the home improvement centers, match it, and purchase a cheap head that can be salvaged. This would cost you less and take a lot less time to fix.

If I have a loose electrical connector, can that affect the other circuits?

This could be possible. If the loose connection is in a pair of circuits that share a neutral you might get 220 volts in the circuit which would blow the light bulbs.

When electrical connections are exposed to outdoor elements, there is the possibility of corrosion occurring. This can then hamper the electricity flow and harm the electrical device that is being powered. Usually, a simple cleaning of the electrical connector’s male and female parts can solve the problem. Typically, the male parts refer to the metal probes or pins that go into a socket. A lot of electrical connectors that are designed to be used outdoors are small and can be cleaned with the help of a small diameter metal brush. However, ensure you never try and clean an electrical connector while it is under operation and has power running through it.
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