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What is Conciliation Court?

Conciliation court, or small claims court, is used to sue for a small amount of money and keep from having to hire a lawyer. A conciliator will then meet with both sides separately to resolve the matter and come to an agreement. To know what forms are needed or how to proceed ask Lawyers for real-time answers.

How to remove a settled small claims court agreement from a credit report after the debt is paid?

After it is marked settled and paid, the company could be contacted to see if they will remove it. If it was done in error, the company should remove it.

How to take a foreign credit card company to Conciliation Court when they will not credit an account for fraudulent charges?

Conciliation court has very limited jurisdiction and they are not allowed to take cases where a company is not within that state.

Is a debt collector the same as a collection agency?

Yes, a debt collector and a collection agency are the same. No form of legal citation is needed nor is trial.

How to file for a summary judgment with DACO (Consumer Protection) in Puerto Rico for failure to follow procedures of Condominium Law?

There is no particular standardized form to use. Contact the Departamento de Asuntos del Consumidor for help resolving consumer disputes. Generally, a simple written outline of the grievances will be enough to start the investigatory process.

How should a member of a club proceed if they want to sell their share back to the club but it is low on funds?

Case Details: The board states it will buy back when they have the funds instead of following club by-laws.

There are several options after a person receives a judgment against a corporation. A person is allowed to settle any collection of tax debts against any assets owned by the corporation; that includes bank accounts or airplanes. A lien can be placed on an aircraft; the lien will need to be paid before clear title is transferred. If one does not want to wait, then they can have the aircraft auctioned to raise money to pay the judgment. This can happen only if there is nothing else in the by-laws, regarding member rights, which would affect any of this. 

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