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Combination Oven Problem

Combination ovens are unique appliances which usually provide the amalgamation and benefits of a convection oven as well as a microwave oven. It provides the facility to cook the food faster, simultaneously provides a crisp, browned finish which is obtained when you use a conventional oven. These combination ovens can be used for simple re-heating of food as well as for baking items such as cake, bread and so on. Listed below are a few common questions that have been answered by the Experts on combination ovens.

After cleaning a Thermador combination oven, why have the elements stopped heating? How can this be reset?

The individual will need to locate the thermal fuse to reset the oven. To do so, first turn off the circuit breaker to the oven and open the oven door to remove the grill beside the door lock. You should find a small round black object which has two wires connected to it. This is the thermal fuse. You should find a small red button on it around the middle. Push this button, if it clicks the fuse was tripped.

The display on a GE combination oven and microwave is not working as well as the oven what could be the problem and what kind of repair will be needed?

If you are not getting any display or response on pressing any of the buttons, it is most likely a case of a faulty fuse inside the microwave. The repair can be handled by you. First, dismantle the microwave by removing the outer shell to access the control panel area. You should find a one inch fuse behind the control panel. You will need to order another fuse and replace it for the unit to work again. Usually the fuse required will be a slow blow 15 amp ceramic fuse and not the normal regular automotive fuse.

Why has the bake element stopped working on a Thermidor combination oven model even if this has been replaced?

First thing would be to check if the broil element on the oven is working or not. If it is and it is the bake which is not functioning, the element should be fine. If this were an issue with the fuse, both the broil and bake options would not work as there is usually only one high limit prevention fuse for both functions. The problem is most likely with the relay control board located behind the control panel and below the top panel of the oven. Since it has become defective, you will need to order for another one and replace it. The approximate cost of this part would be $300.

What could be the cause of an electric combination oven’s door to remain closed after using the self clean option?

Most likely the door latch assembly could have failed. Turn off the power of the oven for 60 seconds and turn it back on to see if the oven resets itself. If this fails, select the self clean option again, wait for 60 seconds and cancel. This can cause the door latch to unlock at times. If this is unsuccessful as well, you may have to manually force open the door and replace the door lock assembly after doing so. It may not be easy to unlock manually as you will need an item such as coat hanger to be inserted between the door and oven frame from the top. After this, you need to pull the latch assembly from right to left and then pulling hard to force the latch to the left. Force open the door and remove the panel in the front of the door latch to replace it.

What could be the problem if a convection and roast heating does not work on a Thermador combination oven even if other functions are still working?

This could be one of two possibilities, a faulty convection element or a short circuited relay control board. To check, open the oven door and remove the back panel inside the oven. Check the round convection element. Turn off the circuit breaker or power and remove the convection element. The continuity of the convection element needs to be examined, if it is normal, the control board would need to be replaced. If continuity is the issue, the convection element needs replacing.

Combination ovens serve a useful purpose by providing you varied options to cook, grill, broil, bake and heat. They save time, space and cost. Though they are quite useful and convenient, you can face problems with them, which can prevent efficient use of the appliance for any purpose it is designed for. It is also important to decipher with which function the problem occurs through a process of testing and elimination. To guide you to do so and provide you with necessary information and insights, the help from Experts could be wise.
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