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Colostomy Questions

Colostomy is a surgical technique where the large intestine or colon is attached to an incision on the abdominal wall as a channel for the exit of feces when the rectum cannot be used. The colostomy may be a temporary placement in order to allow healing of surgical sites or may be permanent. This generally depends upon the individuals circumstances. To learn more about colostomy, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by experts.

How can the bowel output be slowed after having a colostomy?

Generally the best approach at keeping the output to a regulated frequency may be to eat small quantities of food rather than large portions. This may keep the output from becoming excessively large and less frequent.

Another issue of having a colostomy may involve loss of necessary minerals due to the inability to control the volume of output of bowel secretions.

Many people make electrolyte drinks as part of a diet program to ensure the body is getting adequate minerals. Because there is no possible way to control the gut secretions, maintaining smaller meals and including electrolytes in the diet may help.

What does green fluid in a colostomy bag mean?

Green fluid in the colostomy bag usually means that bile is present. This is a normal occurrence because bile is what breaks the food down. Typically green and brown shades are considered normal. Different colors mean different things. For example if the stool is white it may mean that there may be a lack of bile. This may be a result of liver issues or trouble with the bile tract. Black or black tar looking stool may indicate upper GI bleeding. Bright red to maroon stool may indicate lower GI bleeding. Certain foods or products may also change the appearance of the stool.

Can someone with a colostomy have an enema?

Usually if the patient is thought to have some form of obstruction, the assistance of a doctor or stoma nurse may be required. If the person experiences pain during output there may be a medical emergency. Typically if the stool is excessively firm, a stool softener may be required to soften the stool. Dietary changes and an increase in fluids may help ease the output. It may be possible for a colostomy patient to have an enema. However this is normally performed by medical staff prior to the patient performing one.

What can be expected from a colostomy reversal?

Typically when a person undergoes a colostomy reversal, the person may experience loose stools. There usually isn't an issue with incontinence. Infection, bleeding and issues with the two connected ends may be some issues faced by the patient. However these issues are not common so there generally aren't any drawbacks from having the reversal surgery performed.

What causes rectum discharge in someone with a colostomy?

Rectum discharge is considered normal because the rectum may still produce certain amounts of mucus. Furthermore in some patients, small amounts of stool may also be present. This generally depends on what type of stoma the patient has. While the discharge is normal in most cases, the patient may want to discuss the discharge with their doctor.

There are certain circumstances that require a person to have a colostomy. Many personal and medical questions arise when a person is faced with such a surgery. While the colostomy is necessary for whatever reason, many people are embarrassed by the possibility of having a colostomy bag. If a person has questions or concerns regarding a colostomy, the person should ask an Expert for medical clarity and suggestions for proper care of the colostomy.
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