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What is Colitis in Horses?

Colitis is a medical condition that has the signs of a stomach illness and could be fatal. In many cases, this medical issue is normally used as a term when the vet or test cannot show the exact cause of the illness. The cause for this condition is normally unknown. When the horse is treated, this could lead to fatality, however, could extend its life. Read below where some questions about colitis have been answered by Experts.

Where can colitis medication be obtained from and what is the dosage?

When a horse is suffering from colitis, there can be a medication that can be given to the horse to help fight the bacteria that is growing in the stomach. In some cases, the only way to obtain this medication is through a vet. The vet will normally set the dosage along with the number of times in a day the medication is to be administered based on the horse’s size and weight.

Can colitis cause colic and what if treatment does not work?

Colitis can generally cause a lot of issues including signs of colic. Often a vet will treat the horse for this condition and if the treatment does not work or the horse does not become better, the vet could then explore other causes for these symptoms.

Can a horse obtain colitis from Salmonella poisoning, what are the signs to watch for?

In some cases, horses can develop colitis from exposure to Salmonella poisoning. When this occurs, the horse can develop diarrhea, septicemia, dehydration and possibly even death. Owners will need to watch for fevers, eating habits and other health issues.

Can parasites cause colitis?

Parasites can often be the cause of some colitis symptoms.

What does colitis do to a horse’s body?

Colitis can do extensive damage to a horse’s health by giving the horse digestive issues as well as weight and body mass loss. When this occurs, horses can suffer from colic as well as damage to its organs. If this condition is not treated on time or if the issues become too severe, this can lead to fatality.

If a horse has colitis, is extensive blood work needed and is quarantine needed?

When a horse has colitis, it may need extensive blood work as well as complete and total quarantine from other horses. A vet may want to run several blood tests in order to help determine what the cause of this condition is. Once these tests come back, treatment may then be determined.

Will colitis stop a horse from having surgery, if so, why?

When a horse has colitis, vets may not want to risk performing surgery on any kind of injury. Extensive tests on the stomach may be needed as well as other tests to determine if this condition is affecting the horse in a severe manner or if the condition will cause other issues when surgery is performed. 

Colitis is generally considered to be a serious disease in horses. When this condition plagues a horse, the owner may have questions regarding treatment or cause of the colitis. When answers to these questions are needed, the owner can ask the Experts.

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