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Code of Conduct Questions

What is Code of Conduct? Code of conduct is an outlined protocol that expresses the way a person or persons conduct themselves in given situations. Many companies have codes of conduct in which they base the everyday operation of the company around, projecting the code of conduct as a badge of honor while performing company production. Elected officials also have a code of conduct which they must follow. Although there are variances in the codes of conduct, the end result is generally the same. The code of conduct must be followed. To learn more about code of conduct, take a look at the questions below that have been answered by Experts.

What are the general principles/expected codes of conduct for public/elected officials?

Aside from the obvious expectations such as not committing crimes or breaking ordinances, there are no set legal principles for elected officials. It is the public's expectations of our elected officials that they should follow laws more closely than the pubic because it is our elected officials who create and enforce these laws.

The taxpayers expect elected officials to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. This includes appointing qualified people to jobs based on their professional skills and not on how that person can enhance the official's personal gain. For example, the mayor cannot hire his brother in law to a position simply because he is related to the mayor. The person must be qualified for the job and the public entrusts the mayor to just sound judgment when making these choices. By making poor choices and not taking into consideration, the town's needs, the elected official generally is ousted by the press as an undesirable leader.

“I was fired from my job for violating company code of conduct. I also did not have any kind of 30 day action plan to correct my behavior. What should I do?.

Without an employment contract, you are considered an "at will" employee. This means at any given time, the employer can terminate your position without notice or reason as long as it doesn't violate public policy or anti-discrimination law. You were terminated for breaking a company code of conduct which wouldn't be considered discrimination or a violation of public policy. However, if the code of conduct actually violated a public policy, you may have a case against the company. Without evidence that the company was at fault for firing you based on discrimination or breaking a public policy, there really isn't anything that can be done.

What is the teacher's code of conduct for Oklahoma? I have a teacher who is drinking alcohol then going back to school. I am trying to refuse her service and I might get fired for it.

Oklahoma has no laws regarding a teacher drinking alcohol then returning to work. However, this type of activity is against school board regulations. The first thing you should do is file a complaint with the school board where the teacher is employed. You also need to contact the school principal and inform them of the situation. Aside from taking these steps, you shouldn't be refusing the teach service unless she is drunk when she arrives.

Is it a breach of code of conduct for a judge to deliver his verdict while on his cell phone?

While actions like this may be considered unprofessional or inappropriate, the judge hasn't broken any code of conduct. The court is a public event where anyone is privy to a verdict. If someone was on the phone with the judge while he was delivering the verdict, there were no laws or codes being violated.

A code of conduct is a set list of rules of expected behavior. Generally businesses and organizations have a code of conduct that must be followed. While not all codes of conduct are the same, the outcome generally is. A code of conduct is designed as a set of rules. If the rules are violated, there are generally penalties of some type. If you have questions or doubts about a code of conduct, ask an Expert for assistance.
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