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Cocaine Test Questions

What is cocaine?

Cocaine is often used by many health care doctors or order to numb the lining of a person’s mouth, nose or even throat for a short period of time in the case the individual needs a medical procedure performed such as stitches, a wound cleaning or a biopsy. Often cocaine treatment may often numb the area within one to two minutes. Even though cocaine is used for different medical procedures, many individuals may become addicted to this medication.

What are cocaine side effects?

In some situations the side effects of cocaine may vary. However some common cocaine side effects may include dizziness, nausea, nervousness, and a weird feeling or even restlessness. In the case these symptoms do occur or become worse, an individual may need to inform a doctor as soon as possible. Side effects are common when using this treatment, however, there are some individuals who may never experience side effects. In the case an individual experiences a fever, mental or mood changes, numbness, loss of taste or smell and vision problems, the individual needs to be seen by a doctor right away. Also, a doctor needs to be informed if side effects of slow or rapid breathing begins, fainting, slow, fast, abnormal heart rhythms, severe headaches, or shaking occurs also if a rash, any itching, swelling, severe dizziness, or trouble breathing. When an individual is using cocaine, many questions may begin to arise regarding the cocaine side effects, cocaine symptoms, cocaine test and the cocaine complications. Read below where Experts have answered many commonly asked questions regarding cocaine tests.

What is a cocaine treatment for an overdose?

Often when an individual is feeling as if they have overdosed on a cocaine treatment, the individual may begin to experience high blood pressure, fast heart rates, sweating as well as shaking or even a high fever. In the case these symptoms occur, the individual may need to stay as hydrated as possible by drinking water, and these symptoms may begin to go away on their own. However, it may be uncommon that one single dose of cocaine may make a person overdose and experience these side effects unless the individual has taken a large dose.

How long would cocaine treatment stay in an individual’s system?

In some cases, the time period of cocaine to stay in a person’s system may be 2 to 4 days. However, there are situations where the time period may be longer, depending on if the dose was a small or large dose.

What is a natural way for an individual to get rid of cocaine treatment within their body?

It is known when an individual consumes cocaine, the individual’s body needs to metabolize the cocaine. However, there are many different products that may be successful in cleaning out an individual’s system in order to pass a cocaine test. Often, labs that perform these cocaine tests now have tests that are available that show whether or not someone has used a cleansing or masking products to rid the drug. However, there are some products that may help clean cocaine out of a person’s system, these may include:

• Certo
• Bleach that is either consumed or added to a person’s urine
• Drinking beer
• Drinking lots of water or vinegar
• Herbal teas
• Smoothies or shakes
• Herbal supplements
• Niacin
• Lots of exercise or sweating

When an individual is taking cocaine for either a medical treatment, or in the case the individual has been using cocaine as an illegal drug, many individuals may wonder how or why this treatment shows up on a urine test. When an individual is about to take a cocaine test, many individuals may wonder what will happen if they test positive or how to clean out their system of cocaine. For more information pertaining to cocaine tests, individuals may contact an Expert.
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