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Dodge Clutch Problems

The clutch component can be present on various parts of the Dodge such as the air conditioner, fan and the transmission and problems can be varied. While some can be caused from usage, others can occur after a clutch replacement. Apart from this, one may have questions about Dodge clutch replacement. In either scenario, there may be a need for specific information and steps to arrive at the required solution. This information can be obtained with the assistance of Experts. To know more about Dodge clutch problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

What is preventing the Dodge clutch (AC) from engaging after the relay and fuse have been changed, switches bypassed and the Freon level checked?

To begin with using a voltmeter, the voltage from the wire to the compressor should be measured as well as measuring resistance and checking for continuity in the clutch coil if a multimeter is present. To do this, the wires should be disconnected and measured from the terminals on the compressor. If continuity or resistance is absent, it implies the ignition coil wiring is broken. The compressor can be forced to engage using a jumper wire. The compressor wires can be disconnected and fed 12 volts directly from the battery. In case it has one wire, a 12 volt jumper from the battery would be sufficient. If two wires, a ground jumper would be necessary as well. However, if it does not engage, the clutch magnetic coil is broken.

Prior to engaging the Dodge clutch, the engine should be turned off and the center hub on the compressor should be rotated manually. It should turn with little resistance and does not require excessive force or tools. If it does not move, the compressor could be jammed. Therefore, engaging the jumper wire while the engine is running cold can do more damage than good. Therefore, one should exercise caution before doing so.

How can the 2004, Dodge 2500 Diesel fan clutch be stopped by hand even at operating temperature?

Since the Dodge clutch (fan) is electronically controlled, it is capable of performing self-diagnostics and should display fault codes. To check this, with the doors closed, the key should be cycled “off” to “on” three times (without cranking the starter), stopping at “On”. Check the odometer display for codes P0483 and P0480 which are related to Dodge clutch problems. The clutch contains an internal solenoid and speed sensor to control the fan blade speed. When this function is affected, the above codes are displayed. Once these codes are visible, the wiring running to the front of the clutch between the fan blade and radiator beneath the truck should be checked. The wiring should not be entangled in the fan blade or cut off. If the wiring appears fine, the problem could be internal and Dodge clutch replacement may be necessary. A note of caution is that the fan should not be held while the engine is running as it is sharp enough to cause physical harm.

While attempting to remove the fan clutch on a Dodge Megacab 2500, how can the pulley be prevented from turning while loosening the nut?

Try using a hammer to hit the end of a long wrench which can quickly break it loose. While being viewed from the front, the mounting nut should be turned counterclockwise. The threads on the viscous fan drive are in the right direction.

What is causing the gears to only shift with the engine off after a Dodge clutch replacement?

The two most common causes for this problem especially after a Dodge clutch replacement is insufficient travel on the throw-out bearing or a defective pressure plate. In case the pressure plate is not releasing evenly, one side of it can drag and fail to release. The most common cause would be if the hydraulic system is not moving the throw-out bearing enough to disengage the clutch completely. To deal with this problem, the clutch slave cylinder should be bled. With the presence of little air, the system may be able to work fine with a used clutch, however, with a new clutch, more travel is required to operate it. Basically, the thicker or newer the clutch, the more travel the hydraulic system needs in order to operate the clutch and make it disengage and enter into gear. Another possibility could be an incorrect throw-out bearing.

Dodge clutch problems can arise if they are not maintained properly or due to defective components. Typically the check engine light gets illuminated or codes are displayed when Dodge clutch problems arise. As detailed above, clutch problems can be several and the value of Expert information can aid in deciphering the issue and finding the right solution. If you are facing different Dodge clutch problems than the ones mentioned above, an Expert’s insight could be useful to have your questions answered, quickly and reasonably.
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