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Chrysler Clutch Problems

Do you have a Chrysler clutch that needs replaced? Do you have questions about problems with the clutch? Do you need troubleshooting tips to maintain the clutch? Experts say the removal of the compressor is required to replace the clutch/coil assembly. However, while doing so the entire compressor would need to be replaced because bearing problems can lie within the compressor. This saves the time and effort of having to replace the compressor later since it is eventually required. To know more about other Chrysler clutch problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

How to replace the Chrysler clutch bearing on a Sebring convertible?

The Chrysler clutch bearing removal instructions are as follows:
1. Remove the compressor from the mount.
2. Then install two (6 mm) bolts into the threaded holes in the armature plate. Hold the bolts with two wrenches to prevent the shaft from turning. Then remove the compressor shaft nut.
3. Lightly tap the clutch plate using a plastic hammer to remove the plate and shim. While removing the armature plate, care should be taken not to use screwdrivers between the armature plate assembly and rotor-pulley as this can damage the armature plate assembly.
4. The pulley retaining snap ring should be removed with snap ring pliers and the pulley assembly removed from the compressor. A plastic hammer can be used if necessary
5. The lead wire retaining clamps should be loosened and the lead wire removed from the compressor front end cover. Then disconnect the lead wire from the thermal limiter switch. 6. The snap ring which secures field coil-core assembly to the front cover should come off. Prior to doing so, the alignment of field coil-core assembly should be noted.
7. Another important thing to be cautious about is that the snap ring should not fly out of the groove.

Despite following the above steps, if the Chrysler clutch bearing still does not come off, then it may be rusted in some parts and therefore penetrating oil can be applied around the shaft and allowed to remain for some time.

How can the hydraulic Chrysler clutch slave cylinder be bled since it does not have a bleeding nipple?

The Chrysler clutch in this case does not have a bleed screw. Typically the master cylinder, slave cylinder and the line running between them need to be serviced separately as an assembly. Though these components can be bled, it may not be possible to do so on the car. The master, slave and line need to be removed as an assembly and the master cylinder mounted on them as a vise. Next the slave can be set on the floor, so that it is lower than the master. Finally, the master cylinder should be pumped until resistance is experienced. While pumping the line and slave should be lower than the master throughout, this will facilitate the air to exit it. The bleeding can be started by pushing the master in through one inch strokes after which it should be pumped in this manner a few times. As the pressure starts to build, pumping should be shorter strokes until no play is experienced in the master cylinder rod. This will also ensure the piston in the slave does not over extend.

Can the Chrysler clutch pedal of a 2008 PT Cruise be adjusted as there is not sufficient play in the pedal so that it can disengage making shifting tougher?

The Chrysler clutch system here is completely hydraulic and it may not be possible to adjust it. If there is insufficient free play, the problem could lie with the hydraulic portion of the clutch (master cylinder or slave cylinder) or it could be a mechanical problem with the clutch. Since the clutch master cylinder, slave and line cylinder are serviced as an assembly, it would be a good idea to replace the master/slave cylinder assembly. This can help address the free play problem.

Why does the Chrysler clutch lose all resistance after driving on the highway for 20 miles on a Sebring 57 plate?

Most probably the Chrysler clutch master cylinder is faulty and may need to be replaced. The clutch works fine in town because it gets used frequently thereby remains pressurized. On the highway, the pressure bleeds away due to infrequent usage.

Chrysler clutch problems can arise if they are not maintained properly or due to defective components. As detailed above, Chrysler clutch problems can be several and the value of Expert information can aid in deciphering the issue and finding the right solution. If you are facing different Chrysler clutch problems than the ones mentioned above, an Expert’s guidance could be useful to have your questions answered, quickly and reasonably.
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