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Clothes Dryer Problems

Clothes dryers or drying machines are used to dry washed clothes usually from a washing machine. Majority of the dryers typically have a rotating drum referred to as a tumbler through which heated air is circulated to evaporate the moisture content from the load. Dryers can be many types such as electric or gas dryer. Based on the type of appliance you own the problems could defer. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have been answered by the Experts on clothes dryer problems.

Why does a Kenmore electric clothes dryer run for 5 to 6 minutes, stop and restart after it cools down?

This is a common problem with the clothes dryers. It indicates that the motor is overheating because the bearings are worn out or they have become old. In order to address the issue, the entire dryer motor will need to be ordered and replaced. The part would cost approximately $100 based on the model.

An Admiral clothes dryer has stopped running though the breaker did not trip. Could this be a problem with the start button or door latch?

When you the thermal fuse blows, the power to the motor is cut off making it appear inactive. This thermal fuse is situated at the rear of the dryer. To access it remove the rear panel, this is mounted on to the blower housing. To check the fuse you need to use a voltmeter or OHM meter. There will be no reading if the fuse is defective. The thermal fuse can blow even when the unit gets too hot. You will need to check and clean the vent. The cycling thermostat mounted close to it may also need to be replaced.

Why does an Inglis Electric clothes dryer trip the breaker?

Most likely the problem is with the motor. It is a high probability that lint has entered inside the winding causing a strain. This has resulted in a greater need for amps making the breaker blow. In most situations such as this, the thermal shut down should get triggered to turn off the machine. In some cases, it fails to do so. Also check to ensure the drum supports (wheels) on which the drum sits on turns freely. If the drum is turning freely then the motor needs to be replaced. Despite this, if the problem persists, you can check the heating circuit by pulling it out and inspecting the coils to see if they are intact and if the grounding connection (heating housing) is intact.

I have an option of a gas line for a dryer. Do I need to buy a new gas dryer or can I opt for an electric one?

The key for an electric dryer would be the availability of 220 volts behind the existing dryer. In case you do not have this, you will need an extra double knockout (which means two knockouts alongside each other) in the circuit breaker panel in order to allow a separate breaker for the dryer. An existing 220 volts breaker cannot be combined with this, it needs to be separate. Before adding an extra breaker you need to ensure the breaker panel is rated to handle it. Next a wire will need to be extended along with the plug installed for the dryer. The existing duct work used for the old gas dryer is useful for this. If you are unwilling to make all these alterations, you can opt for a gas dryer as before.

A clothes dryer is only making a humming noise but not spinning the drum, could it be a short or fuse that has blown? How can I repair this?

Usually a single fuse on this machine would lead to the power being cut off and the unit becoming completely inoperative. Since you can hear the unit humming, the drum may not be spinning when it should be, the problem could be a broken belt or defective motor. Either of these issues would need replacement of the components.

Clothes dryers function primarily on heat in order to dry out a load of laundry. This is not a simple process and involves the working of various components in harmony whether it is an electric or gas dryer. The common problems listed above are only a few compared to the range of clothes dryer problems that can crop up. Minor issues can be resolved by you if you are comfortable to do so while others require professional intervention. Diagnosing and isolating the problem area or component is the key to fixing the issue. The help and guidance required to resolve these issues can be obtained from the Experts.
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