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Clinical Trial Process Questions

Clinical trials are a part of clinical studies that conduct medical research which involves human participants. The purpose of such studies is to gain a better understanding of certain drugs and the effects they have on the subjects. For example, a clinical trial may be undertaken to understand the differences between a new medical approaches to one that is already being used and so on. To learn more about clinical trials, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by the Experts.

Would a clinical trial test for beta blockers in a person's system?

Case details: Want to be in a clinical trial but take propranolol for anxiety.

This would depend on the specific clinical trial. During many clinical trials, the use of certain drugs is discouraged.. For example, if the trial consists of a new hypertension drug, people on beta blockers would not be accepted. However, a trial for skin issues may allow those who take beta blockers.

When designing a trial, the people who conduct it have certain requirements and expectations of the participants. The reason for this is due to the focus of the trial. If a person were to hide the fact that they were taking certain drugs or didn't meet the criteria of the trial, the integrity of the test would be destroyed.

Generally, the people who participate in clinical trials are paid a certain sum of money. Therefore, some people lie or manipulate the truth in order to be selected. Such acts are greatly discouraged simply because it defeats the foundation of the trial. Not to mention that most clinical trials may be very expensive to conduct.

Where can a person find information on clinical trials for Broncheictasis using FG-3019?

One may find information about ongoing clinical trials for certain medicines on the internet. There is also a government website that supplies information on many clinical trials. The link may be found here: this case, some of the trials may focus on lung disease but not necessarily for broncheictasis. Again, some of the trials may be using FG-3019 but not accepting participants at this time.

Another option may involve contacting the company that is responsible for developing FG-3019. This company is called FibroGen. One may enquire with them as to any clinical trials that may be coming up or are currently underway. Since the company is supplying the drug for the trials, there may be a wealth of information found there.

What were the preliminary results for side effects in clinical trials for Elotuzumab with Revlimid and Dexamethasone?

One initial report taken during the clinical trials of a combination therapy involving Elotuzumab with Revlimid and Dexamethasone was listed as follows: There was a partial yet good response found with 92% of the test subjects that followed through with two treatment cycles. Tests revealed that the combination therapy removed up to half the abnormal proteins and reduced the tumors up to 50%. At the time of the trial there didn't appear to be any dose-limiting toxicities, with an undetermined maximum dose tolerance. Side effects most commonly noticed in the study included low white blood cell count, low platelet count, fever and chills.

Are clinical trials worth looking into if a person has not been fully diagnosed for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) as yet?

Generally, when a clinical trial is prepared, there are many requirements and criteria to fulfill before being accepted. In this case, it is more than likely that one would have to be fully diagnosed with MS to participate. However, it may be possible to find a clinical trial that is more specific to an undetermined diagnosis. But if one is already taking certain medicines, they may exclude the person from participating based on this. For a list of criteria and requirements, go to

Many people are curious about clinical trials and how they work. Some join such studies to gain knowledge as well as earn money for participating. However, many questions can arise as to the safety of clinical trials. If you have questions or concerns regarding this topic, ask an Expert. They can offer medical insights, information and suggestions to help you understand the process better and answer your specific queries in a timely and cost-effective manner.
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