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Clindamycin for dogs

What is Clindamycin for dogs

Clindamycin is an antibiotic that is usually available by a prescription. Clindamycin may also be found in different forms as well as Clindamycin has a few different uses. There are two ways that Clindamycin can be given; these are either by injection or oral treatments. Clindamycin can treat many types of infections such as serious skin infections, abdominal infection or abscesses and even female pelvic infections. You can read below for more information provided by the hundreds of Experts.

What is the proper dosage of Clindamycin for a 60 pound dog who has chewed a sore on its leg?

In some cases, the dosage of Clindamycin for dogs would be around 5 milligrams for every pound that the dog weighs. This dose should probably be given once every 24 hours for around 7 days. So, with that being said most likely the dosage for a 60 pound dog would be about 300 milligrams around every 24 hours. Another way that could be helpful is to put betadine on the sore around every 8 hours; this may be able to be bought over the counter.

Can Clindamycin and Chloramphenicol be given safely to a dog at the same time?

These two medications should be okay to be given at the same time; Chloramphenicol should not have a bad reaction to the Clindamycin. The Chloramphenicol may slow down the efficiency because of the system action in both of these medications.

Can Clindamycin help treat a dog that has a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

Clindamycin is an antibiotic that can treat several different types of infections such as urinary tract infections. Clindamycin for dogs is not usually used to treat UTI’s unless there has been a culture and sensitivity test done to make sure that the medicine will be affective. The test to confirm if the Clindamycin will be affective can usually be done at the local vet’s office. The reason for the test is because Clindamycin is usually prescribed for dental infections or serious skin infections.

Will 300 milligrams of Clindamycin harm a 50 pound dog? If so what will the signs and symptoms be that should be looked out for?

Considering the dog weighs 50 pounds the 300 milligrams of Clindamycin should not be harmful to the dog. This dosage is probably not too far from the actual dosage the dog should receive for the size of the dog; most likely a dog that large would take around 250 milligrams of Clindamycin. The dog might have an upset stomach, intestinal problems such as diarrhea or vomiting.

When a dog is having skin issues or some type of infection there are many choices of medication that can be prescribed. Clindamycin is an adverse medication, the question is do you know what this medication can treat, is this the right medication for the symptoms the dog is having. Clindamycin can be a tricky medication; if you still need more information you can seek information from the thousands of Experts that provides fast and reliable answers.
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