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Nissan Climate Control Problems

The climate control function in automobiles usually refers to the air conditioning, ventilation, and heating system of the vehicle. Passengers can pre-set or modify the temperature that the vehicle needs to maintain and can also divide the vehicle’s internal environment into zones, which allows them to individually adjust the temperature accordingly. If you are having Nissan climate control problems and require technical assistance, you should speak to Experts.

Listed below are questions on Nissan climate control answered by Experts.

How to reinstall the air mix gear door driver gear in the AC on a 2002 Nissan Altima when it is blowing hot and cold air simultaneously?

To reinstall the part, remove the cluster lid, fuse box cover and the driver’s side instrument panel lower cover that is attached with two screws. Then remove the screw from the center of the cable-operated gear then locate the small white air mix door gear. If the old air mix door gear cannot be found then a new one will need to be purchased.

To get the door timing right, the gear needs to be positioned correctly. Install the gear and rotate the gear/mix door shaft assembly clockwise. Remove the gear and clean the gear shaft of any grease and then apply the glue and reinstall the gear into the mix door shaft. Proceed to set the HVAC control temperature dial and reinstall the cable-operated gear. While operating the temperature control ensure that there is no binding and that it moves freely.

To adjust the temperature cable you need to rotate the temperature control knob to the full cold position and make sure that the air mix door is fully seated in the down position. Then rotate the temperature control knob to the hot position and ensure that the air mix door is fully seated in the up position. If the air mix door does not seat fully in the full hot or full cold position then adjust the temperature control knob in the full hot position using the clip at the heater unit.

What causes the heater in a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder to start blowing cold air when the vehicle comes to a stop?

The Pathfinder utilizes a circulation pump to improve the heater performance at idle, if it is defective this problem will occur. Also check the power supply at the connector with a voltmeter.

What will cause the heater in a Nissan to quit working at normal operating temperature?

In most cases this indicates that there might be a problem with the unified meter/AC amp. The unified meter/AC amp is the main controller for the blower motor operation and is located above the radio and below the navigation screen. You need to monitor the signal coming out of the amp to verify that it is causing the blower motor to turn off.

The most common causes for Nissan climate control problems are a heater valve control motor going bad, a stuck thermostat and the deteriorating of the foam that covers the flap of the heater box. To learn more about climate control diagnostics and repair you can speak to an Expert.
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