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Chrysler Climate Control Questions

Need to know how to access the climate control in a Chrysler for repair? Wondering what to do if the display lights aren’t working but the buttons are? Need troubleshooting tips on a Chrysler climate control?

Sometimes with the climate control turned off, the blower motor can continue to operate.

To know more about other Chrysler climate control problems, below are a few questions answered by Experts.

How to remove the panel on a 2007, 300C 5.7 Hemi to access the Chrysler climate control as the backlight is not working?

First remove the dashboard centre trim panel then the back portion of the control head can be accessed. This can be done using a wide, flat bladed tool on the push-in fasteners or clips which secure the panel and then need to be pulled outward to disengage them. Once the panel is off, the lights should be turned on and the orange/grey wire at the control head connector should be checked for power as this is the wire which controls lighting. This is in turn controlled through a driver from the instrument cluster. In case the wire does have power, the problem could be internal within the AC control head and would need to be replaced. The internal lighting on most Chrysler control heads is LEDs. They are usually sealed units where bulbs cannot be replaced. Usually multiple LEDs are present inside where some may be working while others aren’t. Sometimes it may be worth pulling the control head out and checking the back for replaceable bulbs. In case they are present, it can be easily accessed from behind and removed with a partial twist.

What is preventing the display lights from working on a Chrysler climate control, however, the functions and buttons are working normal?

Since the control panel and its functions are working fine, it can be confirmed that the unit is getting the required power to function normally. An internal problem with the control panel can cause the display lights not to work and it will need to be replaced to correct the problem. Since these Chrysler climate control units do not require to be programmed by the dealer, a used replacement can be obtained and plugged in.

What could cause the Chrysler climate control on a 1994 Vision to blow cold air with the AC on then suddenly switch to hot and operate continuously?

This was a common problem faced on this model of Chrysler due to a failing control head. The control head needs to be replaced, which at a dealer can be costly (around $400). Alternatively, a salvage yard can be scouted for this component at a quarter of its original price. As a temporary measure to get the control head functional, the shifter should be moved back to manual. This provides room to strike the control head using your fist right across its buttons. This action may or may not resurrect it for some amount of time.

What can cause the main blower motor on the climate control to function sporadically and shut down while the rear blower motor continuously blows cold air?

There are a couple of reasons which can be causing this problem but the most likely ones are:
1. Defective control head
2. Wiring issues between the control head and blower motor power module
3. Defective blower motor where it operates at low speeds or does not work at all: The most common reason for the blower motor to fail would be due to a faulty blower motor power module. This component directly controls the blower motor speed based on a signal from the control head. Either the module could be defective or there could be a connection issue at the module because of excessive heat generation from a failing module. This module can be found in the heater box directly behind the glove box opening and is easy to replace.

As seen above, when faced with Chrysler climate control problems, it may become pertinent to address them to prevent an uncomfortable environment and detrimental effects on the electronics of the car. Apart from this you could have questions regarding Chrysler climate control repair or about different Chrysler climate control problems faced. In either scenario, Experts can be of assistance to provide insight and expertise on Chrysler climate control questions.
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