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Class Action Suit

Class action suit is a predominantly U.S. legal process. According to Wikipedia a Class Action Suit is as follows; “It is a form of lawsuit in which a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court and/or in which a class of defendants is being sued.” Class action suits can be of two types. It might come under the ambit of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or in some cases it is possible to be adjudicated under State laws. When large class action suits are filed in Federal Court it is usually consolidated through multidistrict litigation as a prerequisite for the purpose of trial. Since class action suit is a complex legal process it is usually advisable to seek the help of a professional or Expert.

Where can I find the best lawyer in New Jersey for a class action suit related to death due to smoking?

In a case of death due to smoking you might need a consumer protection or wrongful death attorney. However, it has to be remembered that tobacco litigation is a highly specialized field and it is advisable to find a lawyer that deals with such cases. You may be able to find such lawyers by an online search or in your local Yellow Pages.

What can be done if certain parties in a Class Action Suit against EEOC has been awarded a settlement, but I have not received my settlement, and do not know how to contact EEOC?

Under the circumstances mentioned above you may try to contact them over phone and seek an appointment. You may also contact the EEOC itself to follow up the case on your behalf. However, the best option could be to hire a lawyer and take up the case on your behalf.

Is there a current Class Action Suit against the drug Amitryptiline?

There is no class action suit going on regarding this drug at this time. There is a popular misconception that every adverse reaction from a drug has the legal potential to trigger a class action suit. Usually it is not the case. To prove that the drug was dangerous and the manufacturer did not mention the same, your medical expert will have to attest a statement to that effect and thereafter you will have to file product liability suit against the manufacturer. Once you initiate the suit and manage to get around 20 odd co-petitioners join the case, then only it can be certified a class action suit.

In a class action suit is it possible for the defendant to engage in “out of court” monetary settlements with individuals to dissuade them from the suit?

It is possible for the defendant to try out of court settlement with individuals since there is no law against it. The attorney on behalf of the plaintiffs would probably try that not to happen with a view to keeping the class action suit intact. However, the defendant’s attorney cannot negotiate with the plaintiff directly without the explicit consent of the class action suit plaintiff’s attorney.

Does one need a lawyer to file a class action suit against an insurance agency for misrepresentation?

The majority of the time, a lawyer that specializes in this type of law, will be needed in order to file a class action suit. There are usually too many legal implications that will require a specific knowledge that the common person may not know. The first step is to have the case assessed to see if the case is fit for filing.

Since class action suit is a highly specialized field of law, it is almost always advisable to take the help of attorneys practicing class action. Hence a bit of search might be required to get hold of a top notch attorney in this field. However, there are other types of Experts that are available as well that can help you decide if a specialized attorney is right for your needs.
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