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Civil Liability Related Questions

To define civil liability is to blame any person, persons or corporation where the court rules that the accused take responsibility by making or paying restitution monetarily for the offences committed that have resulted in some type of harm physically or mentally due to negligence. Civil liability is different than criminal liability. When a judgment for civil liability is given, there is no criminal charge, only restitution depending on the actual circumstances. At times people may be unclear if there are grounds against or for them as far as the issue of suing for civil liability is concerned. Here are some of the frequently asked questions on civil liability that have been answered by Experts.

Can a civil liability suit be filed against a law firm which obtained medical information without a subpoena from the hospital records of a patient?

Releasing a patient’s medical information without a subpoena and his or her permission amounts to the violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ( HIPAA), and forms grounds for filing a civil liability suit against the law firm.

Under UK law, does a council tax liability order and a warrant for entry to disconnect an electric meter amount to a civil judgment against an individual even though he or she has not been sued in either case?

In the UK, any orders issued by a County Court amounts to a civil judgment even if the individual has not been sued earlier.

What is police civil liability?

When the police violate the law and infringe on the civil rights of individuals on purpose, civil liability lawsuits may be filed against them which are called “police civil liability”.

Under Australian law, can an employee of a company who prepares a report for a client company be held liable for its content even though the report was approved and signed by other superiors in the company?

Since a report is usually the result of the collective effort of the employees assigned with the task, the employee usually will not or should not be held liable unless it can be decisively proved that he or she failed to follow instructions or ignored certain facts while filing the report. Employees are also generally covered by the employers’ professional indemnity insurance which will help in the event of a lawsuit being filed by the client company.

Can the parents of minor children in Nevada be held liable for petty theft offences committed by the latter?

Yes, in most situations the parents can be held liable for offences committed by their minor children if they are found guilty of causing personal injury or loss of property up to $10,000.

In Australia, can the local city councils be held liable for faulty footpaths?

Though there is a common law under which the local city councils may be held liable for faulty footpaths, Section 42 of the Civil Liabilities Act negates that liability which means that citizens will be unable to sue for damages such as personal injuries incurred while using the footpaths.

Does logging on to a computer system which warns against unauthorized access form grounds for civil liability?

In most cases, the fact that the warning is in place signifies that unauthorized access, even if unintentional, amounts to a criminal offence besides being grounds for possible civil liability.

Can the owner of a dog which kills another dog be sued under the Civil Liability Act?

Civil liability in this case is a distinct possibility if it is proved that the owner of the dog which killed the other dog was negligent. The court could rule in favor of the deceased dog’s owner by awarding damages to the extent that the pet be replaced with another.

It is indeed difficult sometimes to ascertain the extent of civil liability in one’s case or if one has even committed an offence. When in doubt, it is always best to get Experts to evaluate the particulars of your case and provide you with legal insights and the way forward.
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