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Civil Fraud Related Questions

What is civil fraud?

The civil fraud definition relates to mostly to situations where the fraud is normally unintentional because it is something that is looked at first as not being fraud, but then in the end it turns into a fraud case.

What is the civil fraud penalty?

The civil fraud penalty will include restitution, which would mean paying the individual back or payments of large fines. The penalty for the offense will all depend on the type and how severe the fraud was and whether or not it was committed by just one person, or a group of people which can include a business or corporation.

In the state of California what is the time limit regarding the decision of civil fraud?

In the state of California the judgment for fraud is authorized to be collected and enforced for up to 10 years from in which the decision was made by the official court rulings.

In a civil fraud complaint, if a witness has signed a confidently form with another business can these statements become public, also can the person use the statements from a unrelated case of the civil fraud situation, if so what are the steps in doing this?

If the agreement requires that any arguments are to be sorted out, then the individual will need to start their process there. If the statements are a grand jury testimony this it will not be able to be placed for the public viewing. Now, if the statements were in a public trial, then these are already available for the public to review. Whether or not the individual goes in for a settlement or a trial the individual will have discovery. The judge will decide on the range of the discovery and if a witness does not appear the judge will then have the right to issue the correct subpoena. In discovery the individual can subpoena a witness, and then the witness will be able to appear and share with the court their statements. The confidentiality agreement will not stop the witness from testifying to the subpoena.

In the state of New York, what type of lawyer would be able to assist someone who is dealing with fraud and theft case where an individual has disclosed information about the fraud?

In this case the individual will need to hire a civil fraud lawyer if they want to sue the one who is guilty for fraud. Also, the individual can also have the Manhattan DA press criminal charges. Both of these solutions would be available. In order to press charges, the individual will need to make a theft report to the local law enforcement, and inform the law enforcement on what they wish to have this person prosecuted. In order to find a civil fraud lawyer to defend them in the civil suit; they could contact the New York City’s Bar Association’s Lawyer referral service. There are some available low cost lawyers.

Often times when an individual feels as if they are a victim of fraud, they are not aware on how to approach this concept. Many times the individual will report their statements to the wrong person, and not get what is necessary. Also, many times a person is not aware if their case is going to be tried as a civil fraud case, or a criminal fraud case, and when being uninformed of this it can lead to a very long process. When in doubt on what your rights are or how to handle a fraud case contact the Experts online.
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