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Circumstantial Evidence Questions

Circumstantial evidence relates to the evidence from which guilt has to be inferred. It allows a judge or the jury to make logical and reasonable assumptions about facts from which they conclude whether or not the accused is guilty. Different types of circumstantial evidence are admissible in the court of law and in many cases no specific testimony is required. Circumstantial evidence definition can be relative and there are many legal questions that may arise regarding the many types of circumstantial evidence. Some of the most common questions relating to the circumstantial evidence law have been answered legal Experts.

What is the difference between circumstantial evidence and collaborating evidence?

Circumstantial evidence is anything that proves or disproves a fact in a dispute through inference. Where as evidence that reinforces the case and has already been presented is known as corroborating evidence.

Can a person be convicted on circumstantial evidence

Circumstantial evidence is proof used to establish or connect existence or nonexistence to gain a conviction especially when direct evidence isn’t available. However many times a person cannot be held guilty based only on circumstantial evidence unless the state proves intent of the crime. If the intent of the crime can be established through the circumstantial evidence a person can be convicted of the crime.

Is circumstantial evidence on adultery enough to deny a wife maintenance and legal costs when a divorce is filed in Texas?

In most cases the law regarding circumstantial evidence in Texas gives you the right to argue against maintenance and other legal charges. In such a case you need to prove that your partner had committed adultery which shall give you the rights as an innocent spouse in the case. Pictures, testimony of neighbors etc. can be used to prove the adultery charges against your former partner. However, adultery laws vary from state to state and evidence of adultery may not affect the case one way or the other.

What happens if the circumstantial evidence is based on personal bias?

It is unlikely that in a case where circumstantial evidence is solely based on personal bias will stand much merit in the court. If such a case has been filed in most cases the defense can cite personal bias and the case could stand to be dismissed for lack of direct evidence.

What happens if a fabricated case is filed based on circumstantial evidence?

In you have been falsely charged based on circumstantial evidence you could deny the charges when the law enforcement agencies such as the police come to investigate it. It most cases based on lack of definite evidence the case could be closed. If the case reaches the courtroom you should hire the services of an experienced attorney and plead ‘not guilty’.

To summarize circumstantial evidence is an amalgamation of evidence which would need inference or conclusion to prove a truth. It doesn't establish guilt or give rise to an inference of guilt. Circumstantial evidence and laws relating to can vary from state to state and often be difficult to understand for an average person. If you are planning to file a case based on circumstantial evidence or is facing a case in the court of law it would be ideal to ask an Expert who specializes in circumstantial evidence law.
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