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Child Protection Questions

What is child protection?

Child Protection is usually government ran services intended to protect children and those who are underage and to help family become stable. These services normally include foster care, adoption services, services intended to support at-risk families so that they can remain together as a family, and investigate suspected child abuse. Read below where Experts have asked the top commonly asked questions on child protection.

In the state of New York what is the law on child protection when removing a child because of neglect?

Neglected Child- Under Section 1012(f) of the Family Court Act, a neglected child is a child under eighteen who has been abandoned by their parents or other person legally responsible for the child’s care, or whose physical, mental, or emotional condition has been impaired or is in imminent danger of becoming impaired as a result of the failure of their parent or other person legally responsible for their care to exercise a minimum degree of care:

• In supplying the child with adequate food, clothing, shelter or in agreement with provisions of part one of article sixty-five of the education law, or medical, dental, optometric, or surgical care, through financially able to do so or offered financial or other reasonable means to do so; or

• In providing the child with proper supervision or guardianship, by unreasonably inflicting or allowing to be inflicted hard, or a substantial risk, including the infliction of excessive corporal punishment; or by misusing a drug; or by misusing alcohol to the extent that he or she loses self-control of their actions; or by any other acts of similarly serious nature requiring the aid of the courts.

What is a mother’s rights when dealing with child protection, when the claim was about the father?

Child protection will hold both parents guilty until they have proven themselves innocent. The mother will need to get all evidence together and cooperate with the case worker. Until Child Protection finishes their investigations, the mother will have no rights. Child Protection have a wide-ranging authority while the children are in protection, and often times the court will side with them.

In the state of Mississippi can child protection questions a six year old child at a private school?

Child protection can question any child while they are attending private schools. The private school has the same rights as a public school to allow the interview. If the school was the one who made the call to the protective services, the caseworker can come and interview the child without any parental consent. The caseworker can also interview if there is an emergency need to protect the child or if the parents are unable to be contacted. The private school stands in the shoes of the parent, the school is given authority to allow consent to interview and make any reports.

If a child is in child protection what can a family member do to contact them, and possibly adopt them?

The family member will need to do two things as soon as possible:

Contact the child protection agency that is involved, state who they are and the relationship with the child, let them know that they are interest in the child and ask them what they can do to be considered either temporary or permanent placement for the child.

Contact a local attorney to find out their rights and options in their court. They can also many an appointment with the experiences local family attorney to have any more questions answered.

In the state of Wisconsin is there a state law on child protection stating that pictures cannot be posted online even from a parent?

There is no law in Wisconsin stating that children’s pictures cannot be posted online. The only issue would be if someone was posting the pictures of the child in an illegal manner such as the child is not dressed or they were in suggestive poses. Contact Experts who can provide fast and affordable answers pertaining to many laws including each states law on child protection. Many times children who come to the child welfare system are because of many reasons relating to child abuse such as: child sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse and psychological abuse. No child should live in fear. Ask the Experts on which steps to take in order to get a child protected by child protection services.
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