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Legal Questions about Child Development

Child development often refers to the psychological and emotional changes in humans between birth and the end of teen years. These kinds of changes can strongly influence genetic factors and events during life. Humans have a strong sense to adapt to their surrounding and this is what child development usually refers to. Many things can affect a child’s development and parents carry the responsibility for child development through the child’s formative years. When there are disagreements between parents over child development issues, legal questions can arise. If you are unsure on what is right for a child to be around, that would not affect the child in a negative way, or if you need legal insights about any aspect of child development you can ask a Family Lawyer on JustAnswer for Expert opinion.

What is child development?

Child development involves psychology, physiology and sociology and refers to the development of a child through the process of changes including way of moving, feeling, thinking and relating to others in the world around them. Many things are involved in child development. The upbringing of a child, and the surroundings are among the most common considerations when courts evaluate legal aspects of child development.

Is there a law on bringing your child to work? If someone brings their child to work is this considered neglect?

There is no such law that states that an employer must allow an employee to bring their child to work. If the employer will not allow this, there is no law that would make them allow this. Also, there is no child welfare law stating that if a parent brings their child to their work that this is considered neglect. If the parent does not leave the child unattended, or if the child is properly being taken care of while the patent is on the job, this is usually not considered neglect.

Usually what are the custody arrangements of an infant?

There are many different visitation orders for children that are younger. Until paternity is established, the father normally does not have immediate right to visitation. This visitation can be secured by the courts. Young children are bound with their primary caregiver, normally the mother. Every other weekend and overnights are common for older children, but with infants the focus will be on great frequency of visitation -- something that provides frequent contact for the father but for limited time periods. Courts also try to ensure that it doesn’t take much time away from the primary caregiver, so they can bond.

In the state of Texas can a parent lose their parental rights if they are caught with selling a legal substance?

These kinds of charges can jeopardize parental rights because of the adverse impact it can have on child development. The decision will be made by the court keeping in mind the best interest of the child. In some cases their visitation and parental rights may not be terminated, but they may have to have supervised visitations. If the child was not present when this happened, then nothing may happen. The court is likely to evaluate whether the child was in danger. If they see it as child endangerment, then all rights may be suspended.

Does a mother of a ten month old child has to let the father take the child on overnight visitations?

If the father is in the child’s life, and helps support the child, then he should have frequent and consistent visits, including overnights, so that the child can bond with the father. Many judges and child development experts believe that the visitation should ideally be 50-50, up to every other night to each parent until the child is two or three then the stays can be longer with each parent.

If you have some questions unanswered about child development and its legal implications, you can ask a Family Lawyer on JustAnswer for an Expert opinion or legal insights. They have many years of experience in legal matters, and can offer fast and easy to understand answers to tough legal questions.
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