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Chemical Exposure Related Questions

What is chemical exposure?

Chemical exposure can be any of the following: touching, breathing, eating, or drinking any kind of harmful chemicals. Being exposed to chemicals will result in many various kinds of symptoms that will and can have different measures of danger. Little reactions can result in burning of the skin, eyes, throat, nose, or chest. Many severe reactions to chemical exposure can result in coughing, feeling like passing out, convulsions, near death and even death.

What are the chemical exposure symptoms?

The different types of chemical exposure symptoms all depend on the type of chemical the individual was exposed to. The various complications of chemical exposure will vary depending on the chemical but also how long the individual was exposed to this chemical, the age and medical history of the person with the chemical exposure. Some chemicals can affect the upper respiratory system such as wheezing and even cause shortness of breath. Many other chemicals can cause discomfort to a person’s eyes causing them to be blind temporary, but many chemicals will not cause the individual to be permanently blind.

Is there anything legal an individual can do where chemical exposure in World War II lead to lung cancer?

Often, chemical exposure claims that were caused by the Federal Government are only allowed to be brought up if there was a case of a careless administration of the government policy. In order to prove carelessness, it would require that the defendant failed to use the proper protection that would protect them from being exposed to the chemicals and caused injury to themselves and others. The individual who was in charge of overseeing the use of the chemicals could also be convicted of carelessness, this is because they could and would have seen the risk of the injury, and did not give information about this exposure.

In Texas if someone is suffering from narcolepsy from chemical exposure from working in a factory plant, can this individual file a claim against this factory even if the factory has closed down or does the town the factory was in need to take legal action for the employees?

The town that the factory is located in will not be representing the employees; they can represent the town alone. As for the employees/workers, they can possibly file a legal action if many of the individuals were injured because of the chemical exposure. Also, many times the town can even sue for environmental damage; and the employees/workers can sue for personal injury. In order for the case to be successful, the individuals that were affected will need to contact a personal injury law firm to discuss the case in detail, and have all the necessary documents listed as proof that the factory is what caused the illnesses due to chemical exposure.

If someone was affected by chemical exposure at work, was told medically they could not be around chemicals any longer, could the employee sue for being diagnosed with West Nile due to not being able to be around bug spray at home?

There are two different problems here. The first problem being that this individual’s medical bills and or treatment should be covered under the Workers’ Compensation if the chemical exposure happened while on the job. If their bills have not been taken care of, then they will need to follow through this with a mediation conference with Worker’s Compensation.

The second problem would be their spouse’s health. Since the spouse had received West Nile Virus because the individual is not allowed to be around the chemicals, this is going to be very complex to bring to court. This type of illness was not because of direct chemical exposure, but because they were not allowed to use the bug spray. So what this means is that, the individual may not be able sue their workplace, the only thing they would be allowed to do is have their medical bills and treatment covered.

Chemical exposure in the workplace can cause many questions to come up. This could include: what are my rights are when being exposed to the chemicals? Am I allowed to sue my employer for not providing the correct materials to prevent being exposed to the chemicals? These and more questions about chemical exposure laws can be answered by Experts.
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