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Dodge Charger SXT Troubleshooting Questions

Is your Dodge Charger SXT giving you transmission or performance problems? Is the oil consumption high? These and other issues could have multiple causes and the cause will determine the repairs to be done. The opinions of verified mechanical Experts will enable an accurate diagnosis to be done so that the correct solutions can be applied.

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Why does the electric throttle warning light come on intermittently in a 2007 Dodge Charger SXT after which the vehicle loses power and cuts out at idle?

Case Details: It start up fine but the same thing happens after a while.

This could be caused by a fault in the wheel speed sensors of the ABS. The warning light also relates to the stability control system which uses the throttle to control engine power. The most common ABS problem is with the wheel speed sensors. Check the connections to all four sensors for damaged wires and corrosion. Clean the connections with electrical cleaner. The sensors are located in the wheel hubs so the wheel will have to be removed to access them. Also check to see if the toothed wheel that the sensor points to is clean and free of debris. If no problems are found the functioning of the sensors can be checked by connecting the two output wires to an AC voltmeter and spinning the wheel as fast as possible. The voltage reading should increase with the wheel speed if the sensor is working correctly. If the problem continues, the vehicle should be connected to a scan tool to check for stored fault codes.

After replacing the EGR tube on a 2006 Dodge Charger SXT 3.5,what causes the ETC light to come on after a short drive and the engine will not rev more than 1,500 rpm?

Case Details: If the engine is turned off and restarted, it runs fine for 6 miles and the same thing happens again. No codes have been stored.

The electronic throttle control light comes on because the engine controller is detecting an issue that will prevent correct rpm control which results in a fault code being set. There are many possible reasons for this including  a vacuum leak, a faulty MAP sensor, a dirty or sticking throttle body, a bad accelerator position sensor, wiring problems and an issue with the powertrain control module itself. Since the problem began after the EGR tube was replaced, this is a likely location for a leak. Check that the seal was not dislodged during installation. If no vacuum leak is found, check the throttle body and clean it if needed. If this too is not the cause, the vehicle will have to be scanned again with a dealer scan tool. The ETC light means that a codes has been stored, but often aftermarket scan tools are unable to read them. Once the code has been read, the problem can be fixed.

Why do the headlights and dash lights on a 2006 Dodge Charger SXT come on and go off on their own?

This is a known problem with the headlight switch on this model. Dodge has updated the switch and it will be available with a dealer. Once the switch is replaced the problem should be solved.

Why have the front power windows, the power locks and the right side power mirror on a 2009 Dodge Charger SXT all stopped working?

Case Details: Replacing the window switches has not helped.

This model has two different systems that control these functions. If the vehicle has a base system, a wiring problem is the most likely cause. Check the boot between the front door and the body. This is where the harness runs. The wires flex each time the door is opened and with time, they can break. This can result in the problems being faced. Repair/replace any broken wires. If the vehicle has a high line system the express windows, the front windows and power locks are controlled by the driver’s door module. A wiring problem at the module will cause these problems. Check the power, ground and bus voltage. If they are okay, the module may have failed and will need to be replaced.

What could cause a 2007 Dodge Charger SXT to not move when put in Drive, but respond when shifted into Reverse?

Low transmission fluid levels are a common cause for this problem. Check that the fluid level is okay and that it has not broken down or become contaminated. Top up and replace (after flushing the transmission) as required. If this is not the issue, the vehicle should be taken to a dealer or specialist transmission shop for investigation and repair.

Is it normal for a 2007 Dodge Charger SXT 3.5 to consume 1 quart of oil every 1,000 miles?

Modern engines, including the one on this vehicle are designed with tolerances focused on maximizing fuel economy. They also use low viscosity oil blends for the same reason. This increases oil consumption. 1 quart per 1,000 miles is on the high side, but not unacceptable. If there are no leaks and no blue smoke from the exhaust, there should not be any cause for concern. However, if the vehicle is under extended warranty, take it to the dealer to be checked and have the issue documented.

What can be done to prevent the accidental locking of a Dodge Charger SXT (with keyless entry) with the key fob left in the vehicle?

The vehicle has a system that will sound an alert and not allow the doors to be locked if the fob is in the car and there are no occupants.

As this article shows, the causes of Dodge Charger SXT problems are many and varied in nature. Doing repairs without being sure of the cause and the solutions could make the situation worse and increase repair costs. The guidance of verified mechanical Experts will give you the information and assistance you need to find the cause and get the required repairs done. You can get the help you need from your home by going online and contacting Experts who will give you clear and customized answers to your questions.

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