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Charcoal Filter Questions

Charcoal or activated carbon is a form of carbon which has been processed to contain small, low volume pores which help increase the surface area for absorption or chemical reaction. Charcoal filters are widely used in coffee makers, microwaves and other household appliances for active absorption or filtration of various elements. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have been answered by the Experts on charcoal filters.

How do I insert the charcoal filter in a digital coffee maker?

Open the back portion where the water is poured in and unscrew the cover plate. Next remove the charcoal filter and replace it.

Why has the power on a microwave gone off after the charcoal filter has been cleaned?

Some of the common reasons for no heat are as follows:

  1. Faulty door switches or door switch mounts
  2. Loose connection at the magnetron
  3. Problem with the control unit circuit board
  4. Short circuited diode

Usually there is a mini manual which is hidden inside the unit right behind the control panel which is quite helpful to troubleshoot. This case seems to be a primary interlock door switch issue. Another important point to be noted is that microwaves are dangerous as they have high voltage even when turned off. It is better to have it inspected by a technician.

How would an individual install a charcoal filter on a Spacesaver microwave?

Usually the charcoal filters are installed or slid into a slot just above the normal grease filters. To access it, remove the grease filters which should be located under the bottom of the microwave. There should be a small handle attached to them which can be pulled toward the filter. Pull the filter down to uninstall this. Once you have removed both the filters you should be able to see the area where the charcoal filter rests.

If a new microwave is installed will the fan blade opening facing forward affect the functioning of the microwave?

When the fan is facing forward, it will suck the air through the filters and remove most of the grease and smoke and then blow it back into the kitchen. The air would then get re-circulated within the kitchen or the area where the microwave is installed. If you were to install a charcoal filter in it, it will help filter the smoke however the circulation would slow down considerably.

How would an individual install a charcoal filter in a GE microwave, also how would the individual gain access to the filter area?

An important point you need to be aware of before you start is that the charcoal filter is considered an optional component. However, your unit may or may not have one installed already. The first step to access the filter area would be to remove the grille above the door. You should find two screws just above the grille which need to be removed. In some cases when there are no screws, the grille can be pulled off directly. In case it does not pull out, do not force it open since some have to be slid to the left and then pulled off. In your model, the grille opens outward once the fan is turned on. The charcoal filter will then need to be inserted or placed into the center slot once the grille is removed.

How can an individual repair a Café Micro that has stopped working and is displaying a message saying to change the charcoal filter?

The “change charcoal filter” appears on your machine based on a timed program. The machine is unable to detect whether it actually needs to be replaced or whether you have replaced it or not. Hence this could be a case of your control board being defective especially if there is no activity such as lights or sound on pressing any of the buttons. Try unplugging the unit for five minutes to check if the electronics reset. If not, the next step would be to replace the display control board. Since this part is expensive, you could try contacting the company to check if they can help you.

Charcoal filters are a useful component in the appliance. They help eradicate the undesirable elements or by products created while using appliances. In coffee makers they are useful to give you wholesome and perfect blends. Replacing or installing charcoal filters and other charcoal filter issues you may be facing could be easily resolved if you consult Experts who provide you with useful, professional information and guidance to arrive at a solution in an efficient and effective manner.

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