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Chalazion in Dogs

What is chalazion?

Chalazion may be described as a bump that usually is located around the rim of a dog’s eyelid. In some cases chalazion may be caused by the meibomian gland and a gland close to the eyelid, becoming stopped up. Usually this is from discharge from a gland known as the sebaceous gland; this gland makes an oily matter. This oily matter typically helps a dog’s eye close properly and may help leaking of tear on a dog’s face. Chalazion may be more commonly found in older dogs verse younger dogs. Chalazion may be a common condition that may cause many different questions regarding chalazion pain, the symptoms as well as what causes chalazion. Read below to find many commonly questions that have been answered regarding chalazion in dogs.

What could be the cause a hard lump on the top eyelid, if there is no discharge or discomfort?

In some cases dogs may experience a chalazion. Typically this is a cyst on the meibomian gland. The chalazion typically produces around oil glands on the eyelids. In some cases the chalazion may need surgery as treatment; usually these have to be removed. Another option for the lump may be a tumor on the eyelid; typically these may need to be removed surgically. It may be a good idea to have the dog seen by a vet; eye conditions usually should not go unseen.

What could cause a dog to have a pink raised pimple on its eye around the edge?

Typically this could be 2 different things, one being a chalazion; this may be better known as a sty. A chalazion typically is from a gland around the eye getting clogged, and filling with the oils that the gland produces. In cases where the lump is small, it could be treated with a hot washcloth on the infected area for around 10 minutes. This may be done twice a day; this could help pop the lump so it can drain. The other option may be a tumor on the eyelid gland; typically these may not be red but black.

Could a fungal infection cause a dog to have several sty looking bump on the edge of the eyelid that resembles a tunnel?

This may make a vet think of a chalazion. In some cases these may appear as a tunnel under the eyelid around the meibomian gland. In some cases these types of chalazion may not react properly to a topical treatment, usually this need to be taken care of by surgery. It may be very unlikely that the dog would have these symptoms and have a fungal infection. It may be possible that the dog could have an underlying infection of some type. It may not be the main cause of the bump on the eyelid.

Looks like a dog has a pimple in the around where the lower eyelashes start and has red eyes what could this be?

Typically this could make one think of a chalazion; this may be where the meibomian gland becomes infected. There may be cases where the chalazion that could be treated with a topical ointment. There may be some more serious cases where the treatment may not be so simple. Usually in serious cases of chalazion the dog may need surgery to remove the lump.

Chalazion may be a red bump or several lumps that look like a tunnel under the eye. Some dog owners may have many questions upon finding out their dog has chalazion. These questions may include, can chalazion cause blindness or can chalazion be passed from a dog to a human. These question and many others may be answered by an Expert.
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