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CFL Bulb Problems

CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulbs are fluorescent, energy-saving bulbs which contain a gas that produce invisible ultraviolet light (UV) when they are used. This type of bulb is different from the incandescent bulb and does not use heat to create light which makes them highly energy-saving. CFL bulbs have been found to use only twenty to thirty-three per cent of the power consumed by incandescent bulbs, even though they are usually costlier than the incandescent. Some countries have made the use of CFL bulbs and lamps statutory after banning the use of incandescent bulbs. The following are some of the questions regarding CFL bulb problems answered by Experts.

Can the same dimmer that was used on an incandescent bulb be used on a non-dimmable CFL bulb?

Using a dimmer on a non-dimmable CFL bulb is not advisable if it is not UL listed for the purpose. What may happen as a result of using a dimmer on such a bulb is hard to say but it is better to not try using a dimmer.

What would be the brightest dimmable CFL replacement bulb for my R30 lighting?

The highest lumen lamp is a BR30 which ranges from 750 to 1100 lumens and in color from 2700K to 5000K. The following link will help you with more information:

I own a 52 inch fan with a round CFL bulb. The remote control of the fan which is about 5 years old and is a 1 amp type, stopped working. Where can I get a Universal wall mount fan/CFL bulb remote control?

Try the following link to purchase the remote control: http://www.eceilingfans.com/

I have a CFL light wired in the middle of two 3 way switches at the entrance of the hall. When the hall light is turned off, the light switches light up and pulsates a lot. What could be the problem?

What helps the lighted switches to come on is the presence of small neon bulbs within them which need only a little bit of current to come on. This amount of current will not light an incandescent bulb but would pose problems with the CFL bulb. You would need to replace the lighted switches with standard switches which will solve the problem.

How can I replace a 4 pin triple tube compact fluorescent light?

The light must be a little tight so just try and wiggle it from side to side as these types of lights usually come straight out of their sockets when you pull them gently.

I want to install some CFL lights in my garage. How many 85 watt bulbs I can put on a 20 amp light switch, with a 20 amp breaker, running through a 12-2 wire?

You can install up to 100 watts of light for 22 watts of power which means that you can install up to 87 CFLs on at least two 20 amp circuits. Your garage should be pretty well lit up as one such CFL for every 200 sq ft will give you plenty of light.

I accidently sprayed water into my porch light fixture while cleaning the windows. The CFL bulb and socket were dampened and when switched on, there was a crackling sound and a breaker tripped. The bulb seems intact but the socket is blackened. Is a total replacement of light fixture and socket necessary?

The socket, if blackened, will probably not make good contact with the bulb. It is possible that the fixture may have a replaceable socket and if that is the case, you would only need to replace the socket.

Due to the fact that CFL bulbs and lamps are relatively new to people problems may be faced more due to a lack of knowledge as to how they operate more than anything else. In such situations, when faced with doubts and questions regarding CFL bulbs, it is wise to ask Experts which is quick, easy and usually affordable.
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