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Cephalexin for Dogs

What is cephalexin for dogs?

The medicine cephalexin has a few different uses, one of those is to help fight bacterial infections, and the other use is to help a dog avoid getting a heart valve infection. There are several bacterial infections that cephalexin can treat; the most common ones are skin infections, sinus infections, and prostate irritations. You can read below for more information on cephalexin for dogs, provided by the Experts.

Is it safe to give a dog Benadryl and Cephalexin at the same time?

Benadryl and Cephalexin is most likely safe to be given at the same time, since these medications are frequently given to dogs at the same time. Many dogs that have a skin disorder and/or allergies may be able to take these two medications together daily. The down fall is that Cephalexin may cause a dogs stomach to become uneasy, individual may try giving this medication with food instead of on an empty stomach. The most common side effect of Benadryl is it tends to make dogs very tired.

If a dog is taking 500 milligrams of Cephalexin and 200 milligrams of Cimetidine could this make the dog’s bowel movement very dark?

Often, this is very rare that either of these medications would cause a dark stool for a dog. Most commonly when a dog is having very dark almost black stool it is caused by bleeding in the dog’s upper intestinal tract. In some cases where there is bleeding in the intestinal tract, the dog may have an ulcer or even vomiting could cause this. Individuals may need to keep a close eye on their dog and look for any abdominal pain, vomiting and weakness in the dog.

What can an individual do if they dog has been on Cephalexin and Fluconasole for 3 weeks, and now the dog is vomiting and not eating?

From the symptoms and medications, it sounds as if the dog may just have an upset stomach. The dog may be reacting to the medication that it has been taking or the infection that the dog had. For the dogs best interest the individual might want to put the dog on a 24 hour fast. This will allow the dogs stomach to calm down. As for water pet owners might try small amounts, because if the dog drinks too much too fast it may cause the dog to vomit as well. Now after the dog has made it through the fasting stage the individual might try small meals, such as boiled chicken and rice. If the dog seems to be able to eat this without throwing up then the dog can be slowly introduced back to normal food for about 2 days. If this does not work the dog may need to be seen by a veterinary to have test done to see what may be causing this problem.

Can a 15 pound dog take 259 milligrams of Cephalexin for a urinary tract infection?

In some cases, many veterinarians may not prescribe cephalexin for a dog that has a urinary tract infection. Individuals could use the cephalexin for the infection with the 259 milligram dose. In most cases a urinary tract infection will go away in about 2 to 3 days after starting an antibiotic. If the dog is not showing any signs of improvement the individual may want to have the dog seen by their local Veterinarian.

When pet owners have a sick dog and the Vet gives them medication, this can become very confusing as to if the medications prescribed can have a negative effect on the dog, or if the prescribed medication is the correct medication for the dogs symptoms. Cephalexin is one of those medications that are used for many different infections, so it is also a confusing medication knowing what your dog is taking it for. If you still need more information feel free to ask the thousands of Experts for fast and reliable answers.
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