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Central Heating Problems

Is your central heating system not delivering hot air? Need troubleshooting tips on what could cause a central heat radiator to airlock? Need insight on how to repair a central heating system?

Virtually every home, where the winters are cold, has a central heating system. Systems are available in a wide range of designs. Homeowners are sometimes faced with problems that need immediate central heating repair. In such instances the quickest and most effective way is to ask an Expert. Here are some common central heating issue questions that Experts have answered and provided solutions.

Why does an electric central heating system blow cold air?

Here are some of the possible reasons:
• The circuit breaker could have opened
• The elements might be burned out
• A relay or the circuit board could be bad and might need to be replaced.

If the homeowner does not have the necessary skills to check these out a skilled HVAC technician will need to be called.

Is it dangerous if a propane-fired central heating system fluctuates between 67⁰F and 69⁰F when it has been set at 68⁰F?

No it is not usually dangerous if it switches on and off between those two temperatures though it can be annoying. The thermostat might need to be re-calibrated or if that does not work might need to be replaced.

The pump is being replaced between a boiler and a water tank at a higher level. Which way does the water need to flow?

Follow the piping of the system. The return water brings cold water from the tank back to the boiler while the feed water feeds hot water into the system. If the pump is located between the tank and boiler on the return line, the direction of flow should be toward the boiler. If the pump is located between boiler and tank on the feed line the direction of flow should be toward the tank.

Typically hot water is drawn from the top of the boiler and fed to the tank and cold water from the tank is returned to the boiler at the bottom end. The direction of pump flow will depend on which side it is located.

Why are the radiators cold on a central heating system where the boilers are working well?

Chances are that an ‘airlock’ has developed on the radiators preventing the circulation of hot air. Each radiator has a bleed valve designed to relieve air pressure. If the valve is opened trapped air is allowed to escape. Place a small container below the valve. As soon as water starts dripping into it it’s a sign that the air has escaped and the valve can be shut.

Why is the evaporator coil freezing up on a heating and cooling system?

This suggests that the airflow is blocked somewhere causing an ice buildup. Make sure all the filters are clean and not clogging up the system.

Why is an open-vented central heating system constantly absorbing air which has repeatedly to be bled out?

The system will have an expansion tank which with a diaphragm. It looks like the diaphragm has broken and letting in air. This will need to be replaced which should sort out the problem of air in the system and repetitive bleeding.

There is nothing worse than the central heating installation in a home fails during the cold winter. The need of the hour for a homeowner is an instant solution. The only way to get this is by asking an Expert on central heating problems. Experts can also provide guidance on central heating repair.
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