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Cell Phone Camera Troubleshooting

Is the cell phone camera not turning on? Or, are there any error messages on your device that need deciphered? Often, questions like these lead to problems to which a proper answer is not always available. When such is the case, knowing where to find quick reliable answers is usually the best recourse. It will not only solve the problem but also save you from spending a lump sum of money on its repair. Read below where Experts have answered owners’ questions.

How to fix a 3G cell phone camera that displays a black screen when turned on?

This could be due to a corrupt file data in the unit that needs to be removed.

  • First, go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Applications.’
  • Then, select ‘Manage Applications.’
  • Next, hit the ‘All Tab’ icon at the top.
  • Then, click on the ‘Camera’ app and tap on the ‘Clear Data’ button.
  • Finally, click ‘OK’ to confirm and reboot the device.

How to disable the camera in a Samsung Focus Flash SGH-i677 cell phone?

  • First, take out the back cover and the battery from the device.
  • Then, unbolt the six small Philips screws on it.
  • Next, using a pry tool, loosen the clips on the sides of the casing.
  • Separate the rear housing from the rest of the unit.
  • Finally, remove the camera and reassemble the unit.

How to clear the ‘Camera Failed’ error message on a Samsung F480i cell phone?

  • First, unlock the device.
  • Then, insert the ‘Unlock Code’ and hit the ‘Dial’ button.

If this does not work:

  • Unlock the device again and enter the ‘Unlock Code.’
  • Then, press the ‘Dial’ button to access the camera in the test mode.
  • Next, type ‘1’ to enable the ‘Auto Focus’ feature.
  • Then, push the ‘1’ button to disable the focus.
  • Next, press the ‘2’ key to write the ISP (internet service provider) firmware. This will display the ‘ISP Firmware Write [Please Wait]’ message.
  • Wait for two minutes to allow the process to complete.
  • Once done, the message ‘ISP Firmware Write [Success]’ will appear.
  • Next, press the ‘3’ button to display the firmware version.
  • Finally, restart your device and this should fix the problem.

How to transfer photos from a cell phone camera to its memory card?

  • Go to the ‘Home’ screen and tap on the ‘Fun’ option.
  • Then, touch on ‘My Photos’ and select the folder with the ‘Camera’ icon.
  • Next, press the option ‘More’ and select ‘Copy to memory card.’
  • Highlight the photos you want to copy.
  • Then, press ‘OK’ and choose a folder on a ‘Micro SD’ card.
  • Finally, transfer the photos to that folder.

How to fix a ‘Camera Start’ error message on a LG cell phone?

First, press the ‘Camera’ button and shut the back cover firmly to allow it to seat tightly. If this does not solve the issue, it could point to a firmware failure that will need an update. In case there is no update, replacing the unit will be the next best repair option.

How to use the front camera on a Samsung Gem cell phone?

  • First, enter ‘Applications’ and go to the option ‘Camera.’
  • Then, press the ‘Menu’ button on the ‘Camera Interface’ screen.
  • Next, press the ‘Front or Back Camera’ button.
  • Finally, adjust the image and push the ‘Camera’ button to take pictures.

How to fix an iPhone camera that suddenly stopped taking photos with a jammed shutter?

Open the ‘Camera’ app and hold down the ‘Power’ button until the message ‘Slide to power off’ gets displayed. This will cause the application to shut down suddenly and fix the problem. If not, connect to the ‘iTunes’ and restore to resolve any software malfunction. If this still does not fix the issue, contact Apple for repair.

How to fix a Blackberry cell phone camera that fails to turn on with a message ‘Close Other Applications?’

  • First, go to ‘Options’ and choose ‘Security.’
  • Then, click ‘General Settings’ and press the ‘Menu’ button.
  • Finally, select the command ‘Wipe Handheld’ and turn on your device.

If this fails to resolve the issue, perform an OS (Operating System) restore by connecting the unit to the Blackberry ‘Device Manager.’

How to remove the error message ‘Insufficient Memory’ on a LG cell phone camera?

  • First, take out the battery from the unit and leave it untouched for 20 seconds.
  • Then, with the battery still unplugged, connect the unit to a wall socket.
  • Finally, reinstall the battery and switch the unit back on.

If this does not solve the issue:

  • Go to ‘Phone settings’ and click on the ‘Memory’ option.
  • Then, tap on the ‘Default Storage’ settings.
  • Next, select ‘Camera’ and switch to ‘Phone Memory.’
  • Finally, using the ‘Camera’ option, take a picture and see if it solves the issue. If so, change the ‘Storage’ setting back to ‘Memory Card’ to fix the problem.

Having a camera on your cell phone is the most convenient thing a user can ever experience. Additionally, these devices make it easy for us to send pictures to our family and friends by just connecting to our computers. However, like every other device, these units can also malfunction causing a lot of frustration to their owners. When this happens, contacting a verified Expert immediately is highly recommended to avoid such circumstances. They are readily available to fix your issues and answer your questions at the most affordable price from the comfort of your home.

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