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Toyota Celica GT Questions

Having trouble with a Toyota Celica GT giving diagnostic codes and need to know what the codes mean? Is a Toyota Celica GT not starting or is the engine running rough? There are times when drivers face these questions and need answers. When these times arise, having the right answers at the right time will be useful.

When Toyota Celica GT problems arise car owners may seek the opinions and guidance of Experts as an invaluable resource to car owners in need of help.

Read below where Experts have answered a variety of questions regarding the Toyota Celica, parts, engine and repairs.

If a 2003 Toyota Celica GT is showing fault codes - P0420, P0351, P0352, PO353, P0354, P0420 and 4 igniters have failed, can these failures happen at the same time?

It is unlikely that all these failures could occur simultaneously. Check the wiring running to the coil packs for damage. A rodent chewing these wires is a common problem and can result in the error codes appearing. If there is no damage check the ECM for connectors for corrosion or other signs of damage or indications that moisture has entered the module. With the engine running fine these are the most likely causes for the error codes to appear. These possibilities should be ruled out before any Toyota Celica GT parts are replaced.

A Toyota Celica GT suddenly refusing to start could the ignition system need replaced?

If the fuses and power supply check out okay, the most common reason for a car to suddenly not start is a defective ignition coil. Have the coil removed and checked – this is a very common failure and a coil replacement should fix the problem.

What does error code P0171 mean in a 2000 Toyota Celica GT with automatic transmission?

The P0171 code indicates that the engine is running lean. There are two likely reasons for the code to appear. The first is that the intake manifold gaskets are leaking. Spray the area with carburetor cleaner and see if that causes the engine RPMs to increase. If so, there is a leak and the gaskets need to be replaced. If that is not the case, it could be that the Mass Air Flow sensor wires are contaminated. The contacts can be cleaned with electrical contact cleaner or replaced. This code is common on, but not limited to, cars using K&N air filters.

If a Toyota Celica GT is running rough, has a 2 cylinders misfiring and the O2 sensors are not functioning properly does this mean the catalytic converter needs replaced?

When the cylinders misfire un-burnt gas and air mixture enters the catalytic converter and burns there, causing it to overheat and glow red. This will damage the converter which will need to be replaced. Have the injectors and O2 sensors checked and also have the Mass Air Flow sensor checked for contamination that could cause the mixture to be off. To clean the sensor, remove it and use carburetor choke cleaner or mass air flow sensor cleaner on the resistor.

The key is stuck in the ignition of a 2001 Toyota Celica GT, what should be done?

With the engine off, disconnect the battery. This is because the key interlock solenoid to disengage and allow for the key to be removed from the ignition. This occurring indicates that there is a defect with the shifter or the linter loc solenoid and these should be checked to avoid a recurrence of the problem.

Toyotas are a popular make the Celica is amongst the most popular model. However, finding qualified workshops to troubleshoot and make repairs can be a problem due to the location and situation, and can even be costly. That is why it is wise for Toyota Celica GT owners to have access to sources that can provide them with the information and answers when they need it, to make the correct repair choices.

Receiving insight from Experts is the best way to obtain this information in a timely and cost effective manner.
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