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CDMA Problems

CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access which is a major radio system that is used in cell phones across the country. Among the top networks that use CDMA technology are Verizon Wireless, Cricket, Sprint, MetroPCS and U.S. Cellular. Although CDMA has many benefits, one of the ways it differs from GSM (Global System for Mobiles) is that CDMA users cannot switch phones without telling their carrier. As all CDMA carriers have network-based white lists in the U.S., they can only use a new CDMA phone after getting prior permission from their carrier. Listed below are a few problems about CDMA technology answered by the Experts.

Can an unlocked Verizon phone without a SIM card be used on a CDMA network that requires SIM cards?

In most cases, if a network requires a phone to have a SIM card, a phone without this feature will not work. Even if the network bar is full and a few of the features work, the phone will not be fully functional. However, in the event that the network may have been one that didn’t use SIM cards earlier, it may be possible to activate the phone. To do this, get in touch with customer service and give them the ESN number from the phone. This may help to activate it.

Can a WHTC desire CDMA phone used on U.S. cellular be switched to Sprint service by flashing it?

Flashing the phone may not help in getting it activated with Sprint. Very often, many CDMA companies won’t activate a phone unless the device forms a part of their ESN records. Sometimes, phones can get activated by employees in the company who risk their jobs by manually adding the ESNs but this kind of risk is generally not worth it.

What is the best way to get a Motorola QA4 CDMA phone to work in Ghana?

Case details: Cell phone plan by Cricket If the Cricket phone has been used for over three months, get in touch with the network’s customer service and request for the unlock code. This will help to remove their carrier ID from the phone. Once this is done, the Ghana phone company may be able to activate the phone by registering it on their network. In case this phone was bought off another person, certain software may be needed to unlock it so that it can work in Ghana.

What can be done if a cell phone says that CDMA service isn’t available?

If the phone keeps flashing this message, follow these instructions. Take out the battery and the SIM card (if there is one). After 20 seconds, connect the phone to the wall charger, put the battery and SIM card back in and switch the phone on. This should sort the problem out.

Can messages and pictures deleted from a LG ENV3 phone be retrieved from CDMA Verizon network?

Since this CDMA phone doesn’t come with a SIM card, it may not be possible to retrieve any of this information. Usually, phones with a SIM card can be read by a SIM USB reader but it is tough to get a device that reads deleted space on CDMA devices. If the text messages are really important, try getting a police subpoena and giving it to the Cell provider who can retrieve messages that have been delivered in the last seven days. Anything that dates before that would usually be deleted. Although CDMA is widely used across the country, it doesn’t come without its share of problems. While a few of these have been addressed above, there could be others that are specific to each case. Direct these queries to Cell Phone Technicians here. They can offer professional opinions and insights to solve the problem at a quick and affordable cost.
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