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CCTV Camera Troubleshooting Questions

Has your CCTV camera quit working and you need to know why? Or, do you need help connecting it to a TV monitor? When questions like these arise, homeowners may not always have the right answer to them. In such situations, finding the right help and guidance can go a long way. Read below where Experts have answered owners’ troubleshooting questions about CCTV camera issues.

How to connect one to a Mac monitor?

The best option is to connect a USB video capture adapter to the machine and then, use a standard BNC to RCA adapter to convert the plug from the camera.

How to wire one to get an RG59 BNC connection?

  • Connect the red wire to red and the white wire to the black wire of the camera.
  • Make sure the red and white wires are positive and negative.
  • Then, insert the solid or center copper wire of the RG59 to the unit’s yellow video line.
  • Finally, connect the braided shield of the RG59 to the black ground wire of the camera.

How to stop one from rotating 100 degrees left and right automatically?

Turn off the ‘Auto Panning’ feature on your device and see if it solves the problem. If not, the unit itself could be at fault that will need to be replaced.

How to fix one that displays a white screen with very little picture on the outside view?

Place a polarizer filter on the front of your unit’s lens and see if it fixes the issue. If not, use a neutral density filter along with the polarizer filter and place one filter atop the other on the front of the lens.

How to install a camera IR24W with a TV monitor?

First, check if the device has a BNC connector and the CCTV uses an RCA input. If so, connect the BNC cable to the RCA jack on the monitor; otherwise, plug the RCA camera to the BNC input. Then, push the ‘Source’ button on the remote control to select the input ‘Composite’ on the TV. Finally, make sure there is power to the camera to see the video.

How to verify if one of these is receiving power and recording?

Using a thick paper or your finger, cover the unit’s light sensor. This will activate the night mode in the device. If the night vision LED appears to glow, then the camera is receiving power and recording. Additionally, check for a clicking sound from the Auto Mechanical IR Cut Filter on the camera for further confirmation.

What could cause one to quit working?

Lack of power, broken or damaged internal wires, corroded connectors or improperly assembled connectors can likely cause this to happen. The best recourse is to troubleshoot and find out the exact cause of the problem to repair as needed.

What can be done if one fails to display the image on a large screen despite a good signal?

The best recourse is to configure the unit properly to display the correct resolution. However, if the problem still persists, the unit could be faulty and will need to be checked.

What components would need to be checked before connecting a CCTV camera to a TV?

  • First, make sure the camera channel or the RF modulator use a channel that has no local TV station.
  • Then, check the level of power output on the modulator and accordingly, use a coaxial cable to connect the RF output to the input on the booster.
  • Next, measure the input on the booster and depending on the input, use a mixer to feed the coaxial output of the RF modulator.
  • Finally, if the booster appears to be a split type and your TV channels receive signals through aerial connection, then using a pass through type of mixer will be recommended.

How to record video on an LG-LV2393 from a camera LDV-G103?

The best way is to feed the ‘Video Out’ on the camera to the ‘Video In’ on the VCR or DVD recorder using a video modulator or a Scart adapter:

Video Modulator:

  • Connect the ‘Video Out’ on the camera to a mini TV transmitter.
  • Then, tune the receiver to the channel outputted by the modulator to get the camera’s signal as a regular TV channel or station.

Scart Adapter/Converter:

  • Route an RCA to RCA cable from the camera to the receiver.
  • Then, connect the RCA to the adapter.
  • Finally, insert the adapter to the top ‘Scart’ input to record the video.

If you are concerned about the safety and security of your family, then installing a CCTV camera is usually the right choice. Our neighborhoods can never always be safe and thus, it is our responsibility to maintain a risk-free living environment by installing these cameras at home. However, these units are often susceptible to failure and when that happens, it can be very frustrating. To avoid such circumstances, contacting an Expert at the earliest to restore working order is highly essential. Verified Experts are available around the clock to help solve your CCTV camera troubleshooting questions at the most affordable cost from the comfort of your home.

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