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Toyota Catalytic Converter Problems

Problems with the catalytic converter can affect the performance of the car as well as the fuel consumption, along with increasing the amount of pollution a car produces. Dealing with catalytic converter problems is easier if the car owner has the information needed to identify the problem and to find the best solution. The opinions and insights of Expert is the best source of this information. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding Toyota catalytic Converter problems.

Does a P0430 code on 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE mean that there is a catalytic converter problem if so how much would a new one cost?

The P0430 code indicates that the Toyota catalytic converter is unable to store oxygen. Check to see if there are any leaks in the exhaust system that could cause this to happen. If there are no leaks and the 02 sensors have been replaced, then it is likely that a new converter will need to be installed. It is advisable to purchase an OEM Toyota catalytic converter as the aftermarket ones are rarely of the same quality. The cost of the converter will be around$265 and installation will require about 1 hour of labor. Labor rates will vary from shop to shop and region to region.

If a 2001 Toyota Camry showed a P0240 code indicating catalytic converter problems is there a cleaning solution that can be used to fix the issue?

The P0240 code relates to the efficiency with which the catalytic converter functions. It is not a matter of the converter being dirty or contaminated. No additives will be able to help with this. The short term relief was probably caused by a chemical reaction to the additive which has worn off. If the problem is that of a carbon buildup, disconnecting a plug wire to create a misfire that will allow raw fuel to enter the converter and raise the converter temperature could cause some of the carbon to burn off. But there is danger of the converter melting. The best thing to do will be to replace converter.

The check engine light on a 2003 Toyota Celica GT readout showed a problem with each of the 4 ignition coils and the catalytic converter should the converter be replaced?

The P0420 code for the converter could be triggered by the other codes appearing. It could be a case of the coil packs being damaged. Check the ECM connectors for corrosion or any other signs of moisture contamination. The engine operating normally shows that there is a strong probability of an ECM or wiring problem and these should be investigated before a converter replacement is considered.

How many catalytic converters are there on a 2003 Toyota Sienna?

There are 3 Toyota catalytic converters on 2003 Sienna. Bank 2, the front bank, is located near the radiator and contains a small converter built into the exhaust manifold. There is a small converter in the Y pipe for Bank 1. And finally there is a sub-converter that works to assist the other 2 and ensure optimum cleanup of the exhaust.

The California emission catalytic converter of a 1993 Toyota Pickup 22RE has been stolen is it possible to buy a similar spec converter outside California?

There is no restriction on the sale of California certified catalytic converters in other states. If there is a problem is locating a supplier an, order can be placed with a Toyota dealer. Alternatively, a good muffler shop will be able to weld on an aftermarket converter that meets California standards. The cost of this will be lower than that of an OEM Toyota converter.

The Toyota catalytic converter can be affected by a number of different problems and identifying exactly what is wrong can be difficult, even for mechanics. The wrong decisions can waste money and even result in even more damage being caused. Getting the guidance and insights of Experts is the best way to ensure that the right action is taken to overcome the catalytic converter problem.
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