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Honda Catalytic Converter Problems

The Honda catalytic converter is known to be very effective and is critical to the “clean” running of the company’s range of vehicles. While the Honda catalytic converter normally requires no maintenance, over time problems can arise. Since diagnosing these problems can be difficult, the best way for a car owner to understand the nature of the problem with the car is to obtain Expert assistance. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding the catalytic converter in a Honda.

Can an aftermarket catalytic converter be used on a 1999 Honda Accord?

Aftermarket converters can be very unreliable and often when they are fitted the check engine light will still come on and a fault code will be created. The only completely reliable unit is a genuine Honda catalytic converter, which is why they are so expensive. If an aftermarket unit is fitted it is better to ensure that it is a bolt on type. A weld on unit will require the cutting and welding of the exhaust pipe and if the converter does give trouble, it will not be possible to fit an original Honda catalytic converter on the now modified exhaust pipe. A new pipe will have to be installed. Most local muffler shops will be able to fit the converter.

Can a new generic catalytic converter be used on a Honda Element EX since the owner plans to sell the car in a year?

If the car is to be sold soon, a generic converter will work; they are warranted for 25,000 miles (50,000 for California emissions vehicles) as that is the life span. It should be a direct fit model and not a universal fit. If the unit is seen to be welded to the exhaust it will detract from the value of the car at the time of sale.

What will cause the engine to make a grinding noise after a new Honda catalytic converter was fitted, and the performance to be significantly reduced?

It is possible that the new catalytic converter is clogging the exhaust system and affecting performance. The car should be taken back to the shop where the converter was fitted and a vacuum test done on the engine.

Can a Honda catalytic converter be damaged if a Honda CRV was over filled with engine oil by one gallon?

Yes, running the engine with excess oil can cause the exhaust system to get coated with oil and also contaminate the catalytic converter as well as the 02 sensor. Other major engine damage can also occur.

What are the factors that cause Honda catalytic converter problems and reduce the life of the unit?

All the electrical and mechanical systems of the car need to be operating correctly to enable the catalytic converter to function properly without getting damaged. Among the most common factors that can reduce the life of the converter are an engine that is running too rich, when coolant leaks into the exhaust system and when fuel treatments are used in excess.

Is the P0420 engine code in a 1999 Honda LX related to the Honda catalytic converter?

The P0420 code means that the catalytic converter in the car is worn out and can no longer function properly and needs replaced.

Honda catalytic converter problems are often difficult to diagnose and can affect a car in many ways. Since it is an expensive piece of equipment, it must be handled with care. The best way to understand the nature of Honda catalytic converter issues and the right corrective steps to be taken is to obtain answers and insights from Experts.
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