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Ford Catalytic Converter Problems

Normally, the poisonous and harmful substances that are produced by the internal combustion engine in a vehicle are converted into less harmful ones through the catalytic converter. Many times, these converters may experience a range of issues that could vary from simple to complicated ones. Rattling noise in the converter, failed emission test, appearance of check engine light and so on are few of its common symptoms. Below are frequently asked questions on issues relating to Ford catalytic converter problems that have been answered by the Experts.

What could cause the Ford catalytic converter to quit working?

If a coil or a plug has stopped working properly it will cause a catalytic converter to become damaged. In most cases, they tend to either plug up or start melting and will need replaced.

What will prevent a Ford catalytic converter from moving a car in the forward direction even though it cranks fine?

Most commonly, it could be either a faulty mass air flow sensor or a damaged transmission. It is highly recommended to troubleshoot both of these before any repairs are made.

What are the causes for a Ford catalytic converter to smell when it becomes defective?

When a converter becomes defective a coolant leak or burnt engine oil can start to smell. Other causes could be too much raw fuel being dumped into the exhaust or a fewer amount of emissions coming out of the converter.

Could a blocked Ford catalytic converter cause a car engine to skip when at average speed but idle fine when at higher rpm?

A blocked catalytic converter and the restriction in the exhaust could cause the issues described. First inspect the mass airflow sensor and the oxygen sensor for verification. In addition to this, perform an exhaust pressure test. An Experts help is highly recommended in this type of a repair.

What causes a Ford catalytic converter to make a rattling noise, allow the car to run out of gas and miss at times?

This could be caused by a bad converter, damaged plugs and coils or a defective injector. Replacing the converter and performing a tune up should fix this problem. If the problem is not fixed then scan the vehicles computer to pull out any further fault codes from the system.

If a car owner has Ford catalytic converter problems, an Expert may be better suited to repair the issue as they would be able to provide the right kind of guidance. At times, they may also help by walking through the problem with step by step instructions on how to fix an issue. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Ford catalytic converter problems, ask a Ford Mechanic Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a mechanical insight.
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