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Chevy Catalytic Converter Related Questions

A catalytic converter is a device that controls a vehicle’s emissions by converting toxic byproducts of combustion inside the exhaust to less toxic substances through catalyzed chemical reactions. These reactions differ depending on the kind of catalyst used in the vehicle. Many vehicles today consume gasoline and, typically, use a three-way converter to deal with three main pollutants: carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen. As is the case with any part in an automobile, a Chevy catalytic converter can develop problems as well. Listed below are a few questions on Chevy catalytic converters answered by the Experts.

What would be the cost of replacing a Chevrolet catalytic converter on a 2004 Suburban?

A good quality OEM Chevy Catalytic converter would cost approximately $480. In addition, certain hardware would also need to be purchased such as nuts, bolts and clamps which should cost around $30. The labor time would typically be about 1.4 hours to complete the replacement and labor rates would vary from shop to shop.

How can one remove the factory Chevy catalytic converter assembly from a 2003 model 4WD Suburban 1500?

In order to take out the Chevy catalytic converter pipe, one would need to remove the transmission support cross member by unfastening four large bolts that are 21 mm in size. To do this, first raise and support the vehicle properly. Then, provide support to the transmission using a suitable jack and take out the transmission mount and transmission support nuts. After this, remove the transmission from the support and unfasten the transmission support cross member bolts and nuts. Once the transmission support cross member has been taken out, remove the catalytic converters.

What could be the issue with a Chevrolet catalytic converter that makes a loud rattling noise?

If the noise is coming from inside the Chevrolet catalytic converter, it is possible that a part has become loose and it may soon block the converter or the muffler. In case either one of these parts stops working, a fault could develop in the engine resulting in no power to the vehicle. Also, if the converter looks like it is breaking apart, this indicates that the vehicle is running with a lean mixture of fuel that would need to be fixed before replacing the part.

Could there be a problem with a Chevy catalytic converter in a vehicle that has less power and reduced acceleration when it goes above 1200 RPM?

A fault in a Chevy catalytic converter can result from the engine light coming on and a code in the O2 sensors or a considerable loss of power. It’s possible that there could be a restriction in the catalytic converter. One can check for this by removing the O2 sensor, before taking out the converter, to allow the exhaust out. There will be a notable difference in the performance of the vehicle in case the catalytic converter is restricted.

Running into a problem with a catalytic converter could prove frustrating. However, it is more important to diagnose the issue correctly so that you know what can be done to fix it. If you have any questions about a catalytic converter, direct them to the Experts now. They can offer insights, suggestions and information both quickly and at an affordable cost.
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