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Cat Spaying Procedure

There are millions of cats all over the world. While many are members of loving homes there are still too many that are left homeless, because of over breeding. Having your cat spayed is a great way to help control over population, but how do you know when it is safe to do so? Read below where people just like you have asked questions to the Experts?

How to tell if a cat has been spayed?

It is sometimes hard to tell because of fur growth. Shaving the abdomen is often needed to check for the incision site. Once the abdomen is shaved, the incision can be located between the tail and belly button. If the incision is still hard to find a veterinarian will be able to check the hormone levels and determine if it has been spayed.

How much does spaying cost?

The cost can vary depending on location and the type of clinic chosen. At a veterinary clinic it can range up to a couple hundred dollars. Agencies such as the humane society, ASPCA or community animal shelters may be able to offer these services at a discounted cost.

How long does it take for hair re-growth after spaying?

Re-growth can vary depending on the age of the cat. If the cat is young at the time of surgery the fur is still in the growing stage and may only take a few weeks. The fur of an older cat can take up to a few months.

Can a cat be spayed while in in heat?

This is pretty common, however; the surgical procedure is a little more complex, because the uterus is more tender during a heat cycle.

Can cats be spayed during pregnancy?

This procedure is performed often on Farrell cats to help control over breeding and population.

How to treat an irritated incision?

During the healing process the stitches begin to dissolve which can lead to a common reaction. High energy cats may experience a bit more irritation at the site due to a higher level of movement. It is advised to follow up with the clinic to assure no post-surgical complications have arisen.

How to keep a cat from licking a fresh spay incision?

There are a few methods that can be used to help prevent a cat from disturbing the surgical site. One short-term method is to lightly dab Tabasco on the skin around the incision. A cone can be purchased at the pet store which will help prevent the cat from being able to lick the area, or put a baby’s shirt to cover the incision.

Does spaying cause bowel problems?

There are a few aspects to the spaying process that may interfere with the bowels. The procedure alone can slow bowel elimination. The medications used to keep the cat comfortable during surgery such as narcotics and anesthetics can also temporarily stifle the bowels. A slowing of the bowels is very common after surgery and generally isn’t a concern unless the cat is straining when trying to have a bowel movement. When this is the case the vet may advise a mild laxative.

Having a cat as a companion is wonderful for our mental and physical health, but sometimes their health must be our main concern. There are so many homeless cats, due to how fast they can reproduce, so spaying has almost become a necessary procedure. But where do you turn when you have questions or concerns about spaying your cat? Turn to the Experts to get the answers you need.

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