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Cat Neutering Questions

Neutering a cat is essential to help control the population and sometimes to stop unwanted behaviors. Any surgical procedure performed on your cat can cause worry. The importance of getting specific customized answers for your questions can help ease some of that worry.  Read below where Experts have answered questions for other pet owners. 

How long after being neutered before a cat will stop aggressive sexual behavior?

Neutering a cat is not a guarantee that aggressive sexual behavior will stop. In many cases, this is an acquired behavior and may not go away but neutering may help to subside it. However, for some, it may completely go away after several days or weeks.

After a cat is neutered is it normal for them to run a fever?

A fever is not normal following a neutering procedure and is often a sign that infection is present. First, it will need to be determined if the cat is actually running a fever. The normal temperature should be between 100 and 103 degrees and they can often feel warm to the touch. Rectal temperature is needed to accurately check for fever.

How to stop a recently neutered cat from peeing on itself?

Case Details: Shredded newspaper is not working.

Typically, paper litter is only used after a cat is declawed. Most cats refuse to use paper litter, so it is okay to resume the normal litter. It is recommended to frequently clean out the litter box to prevent infection.

Should a recently neutered cat be taken to the vet if they have become lethargic and the incision looks normal?

An infection could have likely taken hold. Infection in any part of the body can cause the cat to become lethargic. The stumps of the neuter could be infected due to anesthesia. It is also possible an infection is in other areas as it has been a week. A veterinarian visit will allow for an antibiotic to be prescribed.

Will neutering a cat cause constipation?

A cat will normally have a bowel movement at least once every 24-36 hours. Going a week without one can be concerning. If, however, the cat is not eating much then the frequency may be less. An owner should make sure that the cat isn’t going in any other place as this can occur. However, it is not uncommon for there to be reluctance to passing a stool if the cat is sore. Stress and anesthesia can also cause constipation. A vet trip will be necessary if the cat is still constipated.

Home Remedy for Constipation

For some cats, milk can help move bowels. Hairball medication that is available over-the-counter can help lubricate and move hard feces. A small amount of Miralax, lactulose or mineral oil can also be used as a gastrointestinal tract lubricant. It will also be important to encourage the cat to drink as constipation can be complicated by dehydration.

Why would one eye be less dilated shortly after being neutered?

The pre-anesthetic medication or anesthesia given to the cat before the procedure could directly affect the size of the pupil. It is a common sighting. The pupils should go back to normal within a day’s time.

Cat neutering is a common surgical procedure. However, your concerns for your cat are important and you may find that your questions are different from above. Experts can help answer questions about the benefits of neutering a cat or provide information about the procedure and recovery. 

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