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Cash for Keys Questions

What is Cash for Keys?

Cash for Keys is a way that a person that owns a house who is under foreclosure to receive money in return the person must give over keys and vacate the property. The bank that is foreclosing on the house will establish an agreement with the tenants that has the foreclosed home; in the agreement it will state the house will be left in good shape and neat in order to the receive money. The agreement will have a specific date that the owner will have to vacate the property. Read below where the Experts have answered many questions relating to cash for keys questions.

If someone takes the cash for keys; does the person have to pay the city utility bill? If the person doesn’t pay the bills, what is the potential recourse?

In many cases, the person doesn’t have to be the utility bill; on the other hand, since the person agreed to the contract and accepted the cash for the house. The bank is allowed to take the person to court to pursue all charges on the utility bills that wasn’t paid. This will all depend on if the utility company decides to have interest on the vacated property. It is possible for the person to be sued but it is up to the bank to decide.

If a person pursues the cash for keys program but the eviction process has started; if the judge rules in a time frame shorter than the cash for keys program, can the person still get evicted and not fulfill the program?

Sometimes in an eviction case; a lender can have a person evicted in the time limit that is provided. The person can delay being evicted to seek the cash for keys program. The tenant can file for a bankruptcy and it could delay the eviction process and the eviction papers may have to be altered or changed.

If a person has been offered cash for keys and the person has been at the house for 4 years; although the house has been in foreclosure for three years, can the person stop this?

A person’s leases can’t get rid of a foreclosure. The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009 allows the person to live on the property until the lease is over and tenants that reside in places from a month-to-month basis are given a 90 days' notice before being put out.

If a person chooses the cash for keys option; is there any negative report on the person’s credit report?

If the person does decide to choose the cash for keys option; it is considered to be voluntary foreclosure. The person’s credit report will be affected by this option to receive the cash for keys program. The cash for keys is a program that allows a person to receive money to leave property that has been foreclosed. There are people around the world that may not be able to keep up payments on a home that they reside in. What is the cash for key Agreement? What is cash for keys? Experts are here to help people that may need this option to collect funds for homes that may end up in foreclosure.
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