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Cartridge Filter Questions

A cartridge filter is a reusable filter that is fitted to swimming pools and spas to remove dirt and impurities from the water. Without the proper filtration the water will be unfit for use and entering the pool or hot tub could be a health hazard. Experts have answered questions on all types of pool and spa cartridge filter problems. Some answers to the most common issues are dealt with below by Experts.

Why does debris reenter through the jets when it is vacuumed from the pool with a clean Hayward SwimClear pool cartridge filter?

Since you say the filter is clean, we can skip the step of cleaning it. The next thing to do is inspect the cartridge for tears which allow the dirt to pass through. Also check the tank for cracks that allow debris to pass. If either is defective, it should be replaced. Next, ensure that the filter is properly mounted. It should sit on the base in the lower part of the housing and top should be firmly seated at the top of the housing so that water is forced to pass through the filter because there are no gaps or leaks. If fine debris continues to reenter the pool, you could try placing a stocking over the pump basket to catch the fine debris while vacuuming. Remove the stocking once the vacuuming is over.

Are conversion kits available to convert a SM120 System 3 modular media pool cartridge filter to a DE cartridge filtration system?

It possible to upgrade any type of filtration system, but because each type is designed differently, there is no simple conversion process. You will need to modify your existing plumbing to accept the new DE cartridge filter design, which can be of any make – you do not have to stay with Sta-Rite. While a DE filter will trap finer particles, the additional dirt it catches means that more frequent filter cleaning will be required.

Why is green material coming out of the ports of a two-year-old Hayward SwimClear pool cartridge filter?

It seems likely that algae are the cause of your problem. If your cartridge filter is full of dirt and algae and water cannot pass through it, the water may bypass the filter. Try using any of the cartridge filter cleaners available on the market to give the filter a thorough clean. If that does not help it could be that the algae are too minute for the filter to catch. You could use a filter additive like BioLab's Sparkle Up or Jack's Purifier or DE to catch the algae. When the pressure reaches 10 psi above the startup pressure you will need to clean the filter and re-add the additive. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the quantity of additive to use.

What is the proper way to clean a Pentair Quad 60 pool cartridge filter?

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Turn the system off.
  2. Close all the valves to prevent any water flowing to the filter.
  3. Open the air relief valve to allow high-pressure air to escape. Note that opening a pressurized tank can be dangerous.
  4. Unfasten the locking ring and remove it.
  5. Remove the drain plug and flush out all the dirt trapped in the housing.
  6. Remove the cartridge element and wash with a high-pressure garden hose. The water stream should hit the filter at a 45-degree angle for the best results.
  7. Replace the drain cap.
  8. Place the cartridge element on the holding stand.
  9. Clean the sealing areas of the tank halves.
  10. Put the filter halfback in place. If need be, use a rubber mallet to tap the filter half firmly in place.
  11. Replace the locking ring and ensure it is very tight. It the ring is not fitted correctly a violent reaction can occur.
  12. Open all the valves. Ensure the air release valve is open.
  13. Turn on the system and step way as a precaution.
  14. Once a steady flow of water comes from the air relief valve, close it.
  15. The filter cartridge is now clean.

Pool cartridge filters are essential to keeping the water in your pool or spa clean and dirt free. Dirty water is not just unpleasant; it can be a health hazard. If you are having problems with your filter, and the procedures given in your owner’s manual does not resolve the problem, it would be best to get the help of Experts to ensure that the water you are in is clean and safe.

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