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Carrier Thermostat Problems

A programmable thermostat helps to adjust the temperature to a desired level in a particular system, according to a number of programmed settings. Thermostats help to arrest losses of heating and cooling in a building when the temperature rises and falls at different times during the day. The Carrier thermostat is just one of the many thermostats available on the market. Many times when trying to wire a thermostat or dealing with thermostat programming, a person may feel overwhelmed if they are not sure how to complete the job and have questions. Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered by Experts regarding Carrier Thermostat.

What would cause a TSTATCCBHP01-B Carrier Thermostat unit with a air handler model #F74ANF024 to shut down?

Check if the fuse in the air handler is alright. If it is, open the front of the thermostat. Identify the R and G (red and green) wires and by loosening them a bit make them come into contact with each other. If this causes the fan to come on, then the thermostat is defective. However if nothing happens, then there is no power passing to the air handler which would need to be checked.

I own a Carrier Thermostat model TCSTATCCSACO 15003N035206 which I do not wish to program but only set it for a particular level of heating. Where can I find setup instructions for it? Where can Carrier thermostat instructions be found to help set the heat for a specific level of heat?

The following link will take you to the instructions guide for your thermostat: http://www.xpedio.carrier.com/idc/groups/public/documents/techlit/tstat-26si.pdf

What should be done if an error of “E1” on a Carrier thermostat comes on and stopps working?

An E1 error message indicates that there is something wrong with the sensor in the thermostat. Usually there is nothing that can be done except to purchase a new one.

What could cause a Carrier Thermostat error message “check filter” even though the filter has been cleaned and there is nothing wrong with the way it heats?

This message is a just a reminder controlled by a timer. It does not indicate if the filter is faulty or dirty. The reminder will reset itself and turn off. You could ignore the message if the filter is alright. You can rest assured that there is no problem with either the thermostat or the furnace.

What could cause a Carrier Thermostat to not show the display and the air conditioner is not working either?

There could be a number of reasons as to why there is no display. Here is what you need to check: Since your thermostat draws power from a transformer in the furnace, first check the furnace to see if it is turned off. Also check the breaker in the breaker panel for any tripping that may have occurred. The 24 volt transformer may be faulty which could need replacing. There could also be a possibility of a blown fuse in the transformer circuit within the furnace. If all this is alright, then it would boil down to the thermostat itself needing replacing as it could have become defective.

Any thermostat could run into problems, problems are not just limited to the Carrier thermostat. When trying to trouble shoot wiring and programming or any other needs for the thermostat, a person may have questions that need answered. Contacting a Expert may help save time and money in the event of thermostat issues arise at the most unfortunate timing. You may own a Carrier Thermostat which may have run into problems, or may have doubts regarding it functions. If so, you could always ask Experts for solutions to your particular problem or clarify doubts you may have rather than trying to solve the problem yourself. What’s more, asking Experts who are available round the clock is also quick, easy and affordable.
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