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What is a Social Security Card?

A Social Security card contains a nine-digit number that is divided into three parts “ZZZ-AA-YYYY” and the cardholder’s name. This nine-digit number is unique to individuals within the United States. The Social Security number (SSN) identifies tracks individuals with their accounts in the Social Security program. It is used as a way to identify an individual’s identity. There are three types of Social Security cards that are issued by the Social Security Administration. The most common card is issued to United States citizens and United States permanent residents. The other two types of Social Security cards are restricted types. One reads “not valid for employment” and the other reads “valid for work only with Department of Homeland Security Authorization.”

How to get a re-issue of a Social Security card?

The process to get a replacement Social Security card is fairly easy. The Social Security Administration allows an individual to receive three replacement Social Security cards per calendar year with a cap of ten replacements per lifetime. You would need to go to your local Social Security Office and fill out a form SS-5 and bring certain original documents. The documents will include driver’s license, employer identification card, marriage/divorce license, military record, adoption records, passport, school identification card or Health insurance card. The documents will help prove your identity, and make receiving a replacement Social Security Card much easier.

What to do if a Social Security card has been lost?

If you lost your Social Security card you would want to first call the Social Security Association as soon as possible at 1-800-772-1213. You want to reach the fraud hotline. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommends that you also place a fraud alert on your credit file. You can do this by contacting one of three credit reporting agencies Equifax, Trans Union or Experian. The law requires that if you contact one of the companies that company is required to contact the other two companies. This will place an alert on their credit report of you.

What can a first-time immigrant do after they have submitted the DS-130 form and checked the appropriate box to apply for a Social Security Number and still has not received a Social Security Card?

A Social Security Number or card is not issued by simply checking yes on an immigration form. The individual must go to a local Social Security Administrations’ Office and actually fill out an application for a Social Security Card. The immigrant will need to bring in original documents as proof of identity such as birth certificate, passport, green card, entry documents, etc. If the application is approved, the card could be mailed within 10 days.

If the first name on a Social Security card is misspelled will this affect the issuance of the Social Security benefits?

Having your name misspelled on your Social Security Card will not hold up your Social Security Benefits as long as all the other information on the card is correct. You can have the misspelling of your name corrected by filling out an SS-5 application for Social Security Card form. You will need to provide your birth certificate to confirm the error. 

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