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Social Security Card Replacement Questions

A Social Security card number is used to help get a job, collect benefits from Social Security and to help receive other government services. It is to be kept it in a safe place with other important documentation. When an individual has made the mistake of taking their Social Security card out of a protected place, this can result in leaving this important information somewhere within the public. If it is lost, then a replacement card is necessary; take note, one’s identity can be stolen along with their credit. Read below where the Experts have answered questions when filing for a Social Security replacement card.

How does a person get a replacement Social Security card?

The Social Security Administration provides a step by step guide to help replacing a card. The forms may differ according to why a person may need to file for a replacement card. The person can seek the guide online at:

Can a person get a replacement social security card at a local office the same day they apply?

Due to issues of people losing Social Security cards, identity theft and other security related concerns, a person can no longer receive a replacement card at the time when the card is applied for. The person must fill out the application and wait about 30 days for the card to be processed by the Social Security Association.

How does a parent replace a lost child’s Social Security card?

A person can replace a Social Security card without a charge if it is lost or stolen. A person is allowed to apply for three Social Security cards in a year’s time and 10 times during a person’s lifetime. The changes of names and other situations don’t count towards those limits. In order to receive a new replacement card a person would have to complete Form SS-5 which is the application for getting a Social Security Card. Second, the person would need proper form of picture identity. Third, it must be proper documentation stating that person is a U.S. born citizen. By getting a replacement card it will have the same name and same Social Security number as the previous card.

How does a mentally challenged person replace a lost Social Security card?

Case Details: The person knows Social Security number and has a birth certificate.

Someone would have to take the person to the Social Security Association office. Next, the office would have to verify their Social Security number with the date of birth. If the person has a state Identification card or any form of picture identification with a name it would benefit in helping the person. If the person doesn’t have an Identification card someone would be asked to sign a declaration verifying where the person lives. Also, a form is required to be filled out concerning the mailing address of where this individual may live. 

A social security card is needed in almost everything that pertains to a person’s identity. If lost, one’s identity, credit and future can be ruined. So if a person may need a replacement Social Security card or have questions concerning replacement process, Experts are here to give answers as to how to solve any particular situation.

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