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Car Radio Troubleshooting

Why does your car radio need a security code? How to troubleshoot your car radio when a CD is stuck inside? The car radio is an integral part of driving without which most drivers are lost. When a car radio has an issue it is difficult for the average motorist with no a basic knowledge of car electronics to troubleshoot it. Sometimes, however, the problem may have a simple solution. This is where it pays to ask an Expert to help.

Read below some problems encountered by users and how Experts have helped overcome them.

How does one recover a forgotten security code for a Pioneer car radio?

The code is a safety feature so when it is lost only an authorized Pioneer Service Center can provide it after satisfying themselves about proof of ownership. The code is an anti-theft measure.

How to troubleshoot a Pioneer DEXH6700BT car radio with a CD stuck inside?

Look for the reset button which is a small hole in the facing of the device. Insert a straightened paper clip inside and push down on the button which may release the CD. Alternatively, turn on the device and hold down the Eject button, keeping it held down for at least another 45 seconds. If neither option works then there is no option but to remove the radio from the dashboard, open it and release the CD by carefully tripping the catch which secures the CD when inside.

Are there any services cheaper than Sirius XM for a car radio with satellite capability?

Click on this link which may help but it doesn’t really refer to any other satellite radio services. In 2007 the two companies merged to form Sirius XM. It appears to be the only service which operates in North America.

How to troubleshoot a Sony Drive S car radio/mp3 player which has lost sound after the select button was pressed?

Hitting the select button again might work and is an option which cannot make the situation any worse. If sound was lost after the select button was hit then it could be that the source inadvertently selected currently has no sound. Another option is to hit the select button and the volume adjuster together. If the select button muted the radio, hitting both together might undo the mute mode which the radio is currently in. If nothing works then the unit might need to be inspected by a dealership.

How to fix a Kenwood DNX6190HD car radio which powers up then shuts down immediately?

When this happens it could be caused by two situations:

  • The power supply is being overloaded by a short circuit.
  • There is an internal defect which is shutting down the system. When the unit powers up it begins to self test till the fault is detected, after which self-test mode stops the unit from proceeding further and it begins to shut down.

Whatever the problem, it is internal and probably in the circuitry. About the only troubleshooting that can be done is to open the cover of the unit, if it is not under warranty, and look inside for any loose metal debris which might be causing a short circuit.

Can corrupted firmware in a foreign-bought Kenwood car radio be overwritten in the US?

Case Details: To and fro transportation cost will far exceed the cost of the unit.

No, Kenwood in the US will not overwrite the firmware but will replace the circuit board (PCB) instead that stores the logic circuit instead. The preferred option would be to replace the car radio unless the user is prepared to send it back to the country of origin.

How to troubleshoot a Vauxhall car radio which works but does not display channels?

From the symptoms it would appear that some auto-protection or security lock has kicked in which would need the code to be entered to restore full capability. The Owner’s Manual should reference this type of contingency. If nothing is mentioned then asking a dealership would be the next alternative for a solution.

What is the wire that refers to reverse gear indicate on an aftermarket car radio?

The wire is there for a backup camera if one is proposed to be installed. If not, the wire can be ignored.

Judging from some of the foregoing problems specialized knowledge is needed to diagnose most car radio problems. Nevertheless, it pays to ask an Expert online because frequently, the solution might be simpler than you thought. Using Expert assistance can often save you time and money, and you are assured that you are going about it the right way.

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